The Abandoned Flight

Just imagine, 20000 feet up high in air, cruising over the clouds as if flying over a candy floss. Having a lavish jetliner with all the earthly happiness and the enjoying the epitome of perfection be it the life or be it the jetliner itself, or be it the best champagne bubbling at that height. But still for a person facing aviophobia, somehow it was getting pleasant.

Many a factors were contributing for my awesome flight like, the champagne, the luxury of seat, etc. but the most important part of which being Rousseau, my pilot. Rousseau has been my drive to come up for this journey, the journey which I inherited by a draft lottery pick some time back. All the confidence and all the phobia of being in air at that height was being managed by her. Not a acute male chauvinist at heart, but a lady was steering me for an experience of a lifetime. I melted the way she handled my worries and asked me to relax and leave the worries to herself.

Suddenly an unknown flying object clings on the door of jetliner. Seems like some superhero movie (Ironman being the best), tearing off the door due to the impact and huge pressure difference just dragging me out of the plane. Rousseau, I shouted, “We have been hit…!!!…You promised to get me to my destination safely. No need to worry, Sir. I’m here for you”. Somehow I managed to get away from the clutches of the hunter and crawled up slowly and slowly towards the pilot’s cabin.

A massive pressure difference eager in pulling the tiniest drop of blood out of my body was not in a mood of letting me go. Finally latch opened and just screamingly I said, “Rousseau, What the hell is this…!!!. Do something…We have a huge problem here…” To my surprise, Rousseau was not in the cabin. I tried to look into each and every nook and corner of the small cockpit. But she was not there…

Where was she, she told me that she will hold me tight till we land up at our destination…

All the courage I tried to gather up to go for this prized flight experience was all because of her…

The plane in plunging towards the lake I don’t know how to control this damn flying dragon…

Heartbeats are high…reason…is it that I’m about to face my death or what has just happened that the captain himself abandoned the ship…

Splash of water and the huge bird has started to sink. Water gushing inside the plane just like the thoughts in mind. Random. Me thinking what went wrong…???

Everything was under control. I had a perfect aircraft, a perfect recliner, a perfect pilot. Then what went wrong. The bird that struck our plane was a part of jinx that I created of my happiness…

Trapped inside a sinking plane, I just see the light fading and darkness engulfing my hopes.

Tyranny, that no one even saw me going down not even me, not even Rousseau.

Just wish someone see the bubbles on the surface of lake and find me. Give me hand to pull me out. I’m running out of air and hope…


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