Why shouldn’t I…

The book named the history of time by the widely acknowledged legendary scientist Stephen Hawkins, is one of the easiest way to understand the basic working on both the micro level and macro level of the universe we are a part of. Building blocks of the nature from sub atomic particles, there 0, 1, 2, ½ spins to gigantic galaxies and nastiest Black holes. What was before time? Singularity? I’m too curious how we came into existence. What is the purpose of our existence? In this vast universe where humans fight for a one meter of the land and on the other hand if sun suddenly vanishes we won’t be knowing it for another 8 minutes.

The point of speaking of this stuff is that be the hardest answers to find out the laws of universe but there is one question which I have to find on my own that, “Why I love her?” This question has been burning deep inside of me the day I realized that I love her. And my poor luck that she gets disappointed when I say that I don’t know why I love you.

During my occasional visit to The Speaking Tree I learned that all of us are having an individual search. A search of the purpose and human nature is such that we find the purpose of our being in materialistic to spiritual things both. Yeah I know just like you I also thought that this is just another spiritual tantrum until the day I met her.

I’m just another girl in the crowd this is what she used to think to herself and this what she used to say to me. For me also she was just a usual normal girl. Stuck up with her office paperwork, preparing meeting agendas, scheduling meetings, running hard to achieve the yearly targets and lot other activities. When I started having conversation with her, I gradually realized that she is actually a little arc reactor in miniature form. For she is having far more potential this word can think of. She always tried to put her heart in whatever the work and opportunities she was getting, be it small or big. She treats that every work deserves her opinion and should signed by her creativity her persona her individuality.

This was my first instance I felt the first push. The more and more I tried to understand her more and more myriad, vibrant and mysterious she became for me. She got so many dreams and ambitions. The best part of those were that they were not the fancy words. They were just simple day to day activities which means great to her like watering the plants that she planted last week, the recipe she learned yesterday on Youtube or the puppy she fed this morning. She gets irritated with the things not at their supposedly location (though when sometimes exhausted with work then let the orderliness go to hell..:P). Got a good amount of anger too and when I say that trust me Hulk seems to be nagging kid in front of her. Simple yet mature and caring and perfectly imperfect to make the life adventurous.

No reason at all or countless reasons that life is too small to make them count but infinite emotions in each reason that why not shall I love her.

One life. Limited time. Endless love. I feel complete.


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