Forgiveness a millions of tons heavy word to pull upon. We are humans and to err is human. But to forgive is divine. I heard when I was a child in my subject of Moral Science. I mean we all are imperfect. We all are trying to improvise in our nature, in our day to day expertise, in our relations. We are all like a child who on the road of learning to walk. He learns about the mistakes and try to adapt himself on how to make the balance between the feet and body.

When you love someone you hand over them the strings of your life. You do this voluntarily because they are special. They are your doze of vitamins. You treat them above all the other dreams of your life because they are the best dream that had happened to you. Everything in the world is secondary because they are your first priority. I read somewhere when you happen to fall in love it is conspired by the entire universe to bend the each an every positive vibe to make this happen. Your love is not earthly it is instead celestial. You two form the two neutron stars that are rotating along with each other and on a fixed time period send a burst of energy. In this earthly world that energy is the happiness and uniqueness that you disperse around that makes you the most complete people on this planet because you have each other.You must be not knowing they pull up their collar among their friends that they have you. You are meant to make the world jealous of them.

Then there are certain idiots who overstep certain prohibited things and make the people they love sad. When you are in love you make some mistakes there too. You may just skip to know what other person is thinking or you make even our other half to be worrying about yourself. You may be so ignorant that you forget that what other person has placed on the line for being with you. They have all the right to be in anger with you. You should not whine why are they angry with you because they too went through the same feeling of pain and agony the way you are feeling right now. Instead, if they are angry you are blessed again that they show their anger to you. They are the only one who love you the way you are. However, stupid you may act, crack the stupidest practical jokes they love you the way you are.

Now this is up to them whether they forgive you or not. You cannot your push your will one them. They have given their every bit of trust, every bit of companionship, every ounce of their love to you, just for you. You are supposed to be their strength not the reason of their agony. You should  be the reason of their happiness not of their misery. They may be facing a lot of issues in their day to day life and it’s your companionship that supports them.

So if you ever mess up, just wait till the time they forgive you. Just keep on waiting with your realization.It may be few days, few months, few years or whole lifetime. It’s your punishment living like a hollow life without them, your penance.



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