Merry Love.Merry Christmas…!!!

Its Christmas time folks. Time of the year when the air just gets colder day by day. Time of the year where cotton ball of snow start dressing the landscapes. No one is spared from white fleece engulfing all the living and non living matter on the earth. Unique landscapes, physical phenomenon surprise all the beings. Bare trees gets outlined by the snow and seem like an ecstatic masterpiece of art by nature.

It was the time of birth of son of God for whom the three Magi were travelling from far east. They walked for days and traveled the vast landscapes, ups and downs of valleys, interacted with the vivid fauna and flora.Finally they reached the thawed cowshed where the prize for their long and exhausting journey was finally paid off. The birth of Jesus Christ. With  them they brought the gifts to celebrate the coming of liberator of sufferings. I was intrigued by the name Magi when I first read the short story ” The Gift of Magi” in my school days as part course curriculum from O’Henry. It was a story about a husband and wife, Jim and Della. They both were poor financially but very wealthy in terms of the love they shared with each other.

The story was spun around a Christmas holiday season. Both Jim and Della were in dilemma what to gift each other. Jim thought if he will ask Della what gift does she want this Christmas, she will make some fuss or refuse to take any,considering their financial situation. Same was the thought process with Della. She too wanted to gift something to Jim but was stopped by the feeling that she cannot gift Jim anything because he is already running for daily needs for both of them and she did not want to hurt him by being spendthrift on gifts.

But this was Christmas guys. Della had very beautiful hairs. As usual she was combing her hairs and Jim was fighting with the worn out strap of his father’s gifted wrist watch on the Christmas morning. Jim bid good bye to her and went for his job hunting. Della too decided to go out and bring a Christmas cake for the evening. While she was walking down the road next to a highly respected hair stylist saloon. She read on the billboard that if you donate your hairs you will get say 50 bucks (in do not remember the amount).She without thinking twice went inside.

At evening, Della was waiting for Jim at home. She made the arrangements for Christmas with a small decorative Christmas tree and a mouth watering cake. Jim entered the house and Della jumped in front of him and saying,” Merry Christmas Jim”. ” Merry Christmas sweetheart”, he replied and both hugged each other. Close your eyes he said. He took out a gift box and asked her to open it. As soon as she opened the box she exclaimed and with big questioning eyes she said,” Jim, What is this?. Is this the same set of oyster shell combs that I saw the other day in market. You remembered this.” . “Yes, Della”, he smiled. So its my turn now Jim said she and grabbed his wrist. To her surprise it was bare. His parent’s last memento which he had treasured for so many years was not there. “Where is the watch”, said she. Jim, had never hidden anything from her ever and today also he was not to,” I sold the watch to see you smile this Christmas”.

Shocked Della removed her scarf. Now this was Jim’s turn to get shocked. Della sold her hairs to buy the new watch strap for Jim, which she was holding in her hands the moment Jim entered the house. Both said nothing. There was a utter silence and tears in their eyes. This Christmas was their best till date because they found the real depth of love.

We all are having a Jim or Della in our lives. We love them the way they are. We cherish the moments of life which gives the real meaning to our lives. We live once and have already lived some portion. We are running out of time. We need to do everything in this mortal time left to make our Jims and Dellas happy. Listen to them, cuddle them, tease them but stop when it is getting excessive, support them, stand for them, uplift them, protect them, talk endless nonsense if that makes them happy, do not hurt them, pamper them, cry with them and of course never ever stop loving them. For me you do not need to find the depth of your love on a particular occasion. Everyday, every moment is an occasion if they are with you. The very moment is your Christmas or New Year. Never wait for a special occasion to show your love. Express it the moment you feel it, even if you feel their love in every breath you take, express it for every breath. Never let them down, for they are the only prized possession that will be by you side when the world turns against you. Just be there, they want nothing  else but you by their side. Just want to make my Della smile.

Merry Love. Merry Christmas. Peace.



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