Why she loves you

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”—Marilyn Monroe

Have we ever given a second thought that why we have the “One” in our life. Yes. That “One” who loves us beyond all the boundaries. The “One” that takes up our sorrows and give us courage to stand because we have got their back. The “One” who put their everything at stake just to be with us because they love us. One day you may go philosophical in your thoughts and think that my “One” loves me because I’m a good person, or I’m a great companion, or I’m a mature person, or may be I think I take good care of them…etc…etc. Well then you are partially right and partially wrong. Consider this:-

  1. You may have got an average voice, but for them you are a singing superstar.
  2. You may be a nightmare in cooking, but for them you are a Michelin Star Chef.
  3. You may have got a poor taste in music, but for them you are none less than Beethoven.
  4. You may be fussy or lazy potato, but for them you are an active ingredient of family.
  5. You may feel shy or introvert, but for them you are the most expressive person on the planet.
  6. You may feel that  you are just an ordinary bean bag, but for them you are the coziest couch in the world.
  7. You may feel you are not giving them your time because of your job, but for them they pray for your success all day long.
  8. You may feel you are great at creating nuisance, but for them you are a accomplice in crime.
  9. You may feel you may be a stupid or an idiot in your acts, but for them you are their best cartoon Chip or Dale.
  10. You may feel you are a complete disaster and total havoc, but for them you are a beautiful morning.

So love them. But don’t hurt them. They love you 100% for your good qualities but they are bonded with you because of your imperfections. They are your true soulmates and it is always good to see some imperfection in perfection. Perfection in their dream of being together just like you think.

So next time whenever you think why she loves you…Look out for small things of imperfection in you. An lastly:

“One day they both we will become part of cosmos but in some other form. We don’t know why they were here but together they will be the ingredients of stardust, shining together in eternity. She in his arms and he in her heart.”—Destiny vs Serendipity.



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