The One

The falling stars display her tip toed walk,

Heart she follows but fear of world knowing about her hiding place tries to test her,

She walks up to the attic with her intriguing eyes,

Attic was her palace, her place of solitude,

Finally she was up there, looking down to her scrapbook house,

Her memoirs since she was a kid, the priceless collection of myriad emotions,

Ohh there lies the picture of her Annprashan*,  And there is it the first copy of her write-up…?,

Hmm, that’s the gift she got on her 14th B’Day, Right !!!. And that is O My My now this is her collection of colorful bangles,

This attic was her universe, Everything, every person was at his or her place,

She looked out of the window, she could see her subjects,

For she is the Princess of her world, A tinkling pearl inside the oyster,

A roar of the jungle, the silence of the valleys,

For she is a free flowing spirit of ecstasy, A cosmic phenomenon,

Saviour for torn souls,  Restorer of faith in broken,

She is far beyond this world, for she is unique, The One, for him.

— Destiny vs Serendipity

*A  Hindu rite of passage ritual that marks an infant’s first intake of food other than milk.




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