Aji rooth kar ab kahan jaaiyega…


Aji rooth kar ab kahaan jaaiyega,  Jahaan jaaiyega hamein paaiyega..

The melodious symphony of music from legendary Shankar-Jaikishan, sweet Sadhna on screen with convincing and soulful voice of all-time great Lata Mangeshkar from the movie Aarzoo (1965) is one of the best songs that I have encountered in all these years. This song is one of those pretty songs that has been formulated with one just innocent feeling to make up with the one you love who has been miffed with your mischief. And the best part is that person also knows he is not angry in real but he loves the effort that is being put as relation matters more than the differences.

We all face certain times situation with the ones we love where we may have a conflict of thoughts, disagreements on agendas, sometimes we may overstep certain boundaries, or may be sometimes we make some expectations that other people we love may think that we will be a general understanding and many others. Disagreements are a part of a relation because we all have a unique thought process. We all have been from different backgrounds in terms of culture, education, location on globe, etc. For most of the part of our life we had a certain viewpoint for life and relations.

But everything changes when one fine day we meet a special person. The person who will be there for rest of our life with us. A person who is coming from another background and with a different perspective. A person who changes our perspective for feelings.

The only thing that matters is how we stand with this person. We need to understand his or her point of view. Love ultimately is amalgamation of our thoughts and our feelings. We cannot be indifferent with a person whom we love, though we may be having a disagreement. We both share benevolence despite thousands of the disagreements. We know that this person is right at his point of view and we need to respect that. It’s just like a glass half full or half empty. To make a life together with that special person both the people make certain adjustments, be it with society, be it with family or be it with themselves. All we need is the love and respect each other’s efforts and rest is managed by faith. Faith of sharing the exclusive bond with each other. Bond that binds the families and our world together.

So if you are in opinion difference with the one you love, just do not sit and let the cosmos solve your problem. Go out and show them how much you love them. Tell them what is life without them. Tell them they are your journey and the destination. If they have every right to be in anger with you then you also have an equal right to make up. This is love itself that you two have given these rights to yourselves only.

This life is too short for quarrels and disagreement. Just make sure when you are at seventy years of age and when you look back you do not find petty issues making major part of your life as a together. Rather it should be when you look back your complete life, it should be just made up of awesome moments either small or big doesn’t matter. Ensure enough you look into each other’s eye and say,” We made the best out of our lifetime.”

Few more awesome lines from the song: –

Nigaahon men chhupkar dikhaao to jaane, Khayaalon men bhi tum na aao to jaane…

Aji laakh parde men chhup jaaiyega, nazar aaiyega nazar aaiyega…


Youtube link for the song: – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrUP4RJntkc



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