Be my Santa…♥♥♥

My life is an incomplete sentence, come and complete me,

I may be a brat, come and teach me,

I seem to be inconsiderate, come and align me,

My days are dull, evenings grieved, come and light them up,

Cold are these nights of winter, come and engulf me in your arms,

Slow is the useless heartbeat, come and pump up the spirit in me,

I’m running after your fragrance long before we met, come and let’s blossom together,

Hard are the breaths if your name will not be there, come and fill me up with your love,

Bond we cherish is beyond our little feuds, come and let’s make the truce,

My existence was a question until the day I met you, come and lead me to the Nirvana,

I’m what you make out of me, come let’s celebrate yourself in me and me in you,

I’m a child and have waited all my evening decorating the X-Mas tree, come and be my Santa…

— Destiny vs Serendipity



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