The lucky figments

The gust of the wind entrapped in her curly locks,

The ring on her finger with that celestial gem,

The pup who rolls in her arms to get cuddled,

The pasta that gets the hint of her creativity,

The canvas that is the playground of her emotions,

The lawn grass wet with dew that has imprints of her catwalk,

The scribbles on the paper that portrays her big dreams,

The jingle of her anklet that fills up the home,

The hum of the country song on her lips while adjusting her ear ring,

The scarf that gives her warmth by wrapping around her neck,

The poor smacked up pillow that’s the victim of her punches,

The dressing table is the witness of her different shades,

The mirror that smiles back at her when it gets that tinkling glance of her,

The house that becomes home and the home that comes alive just when she steps in,

Like all these lucky figments, his dried up soul blessed by her footsteps,

For she is the creator of his world, the magic potion for all the aberrations,

He, a little twinkle in the sky, and she with moon as her guide,

She is a hero, the one without a cape, who came all along from the timeless journey at his distress call.

— Destiny vs Serendipity

Merry Christmas ♥



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