♥Love is a Pizza♥

Love is one of a kind. The forms may be different but the purpose is same all over the world. A man in India feels the same joy like a American, when in love. It is a kind of pizza which comprises of faith as the base. Just like cheese is one of the binding agents in a pizza ,same way benevolence, forgiveness, being there and value of relation over anything else, are binding agents for a love relation.

The toppings like sweet corns, jalapenos, mushrooms, black olives, etc can be compared to different traits of the individuals such as caring behavior, possessiveness, naughtiness, anger, objects of delights (materialistic/ non-materialistic), hobbies, things one hate or tries to avoid, favorites and dislikes, compassion, individual or collective dreams, etc. Sometimes even may be like one of my last favorite thing on planet, the deadly capsicum, which I resemble as misunderstandings, the things that look so beautiful on the pizza but tastes the worst.

Condiments like Oregano and Red chilly flakes are the fragments of human behavior that when added in an appropriate quantity make the love recipe mouth watering. But if the same condiments are added in wrong proportions, they make the recipe too hard to be cherished. The same applies with the mistakes and judgments, if the intention behind the condiment is not to hurt the person you love and they get upset with you just go an tell them this mistake happened, Pl forgive me and I’ll try best not to repeat again in future. And trust me, they will,because they may be grieving for sometime but in their heart they know that what you did was not intentional. But at the same time I’m not advocating for those who do things intentionally and have an over confidence that their other half will forgive them. No it is not. If you ever encounter infidelity or do not give them the respect they deserve, they are fully permitted by the laws of love to take any decision. Just like excess chilly flake can burn your taste buds.

Next comes one of the most important thing, the pizza box. This box as per me is Mercury (Greek God of Communication) and its like the communication of heat transfer between the box lining and the hot pizza. You may be talking to each other everyday or you may be miffed and not talking to each other, its the communication channel that lets the flow of emotions in a relation. Remember, we all the human, we may sometimes notice a tiny note of our other half’s behavior but may miss out their some other major trait. But this does not mean you are halfheartedly living the relation. This means that you are learning and improvising yourself. This improvisation has happened only because you are in love, else you would have never noticed the hidden aspects of your behavior that made you lovable. And there comes the time when you even learn language of silence of the one you love.

Next comes the pizza delivery, where this part represents how eagerly we wait for the pizza delivery once ordered and follow the ticks of clock and knock on the door. It’s philosophically just the walk towards the common love goal and while keeping on improvising and understanding the feeling of love which takes lifetime to be understood, but still falls short because of our finite time of existence. We may finish the pizza in minutes but we cannot erase its craving. Love is also a craving which we have for the one we love.They are your Pizza.

So, love is weird. It does not change you,it in fact brings the real you from inside you. Its a metamorphosis process. At beginning you are unaware, gradually you start to know yourself, then you start knowing the person you love and together you finally become one.

Missing and Craving for My all time one and only favorite Pizza♥.My cheeseburst.

— Destiny vs Serendipity



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