Want.Need.Miss.Love.and US♥

I promise I’ll never leave your hand,

Neither did I in past nor I’ll in future.

I may have messed up the things,

The things that now overshadow our love and clings.

The day of reckoning of our love is infinitesimally impossible,

The tenderness we shower on one another are very subtle.

Future may be futile either I go mad or you go insane,

But promise I make to you, will never let our feelings let wane.

I’m there for every fall you face or every time you feel low,

For as I have learned from you itself that if you fall, rise again, just take the vow.

Stars from million miles away may have written our destiny,

Even if they have not, we would have met because we are backed up by serendipity.

A part you in me accentuates the presence of passion and devotion,

A part of me in you ask you to be optimistic and never let go.

Seasons come and go but that little rain inside us does not stop,

The brook we walk along was made with our love drop by drop.

Silence is in the meadows that we stroll, when we console ourselves that we can live away from each other screams and chant,

I think I can, you think you can, we both think we can but depth of hearts say no you can’t.

You are prodigy of the Venus itself that walks on the earth,

I’m on my knees with my arms open, come and disappear in my girth.

I need you, I feel you, I love you even if endless blows from life we face, we have the resilience,

Its’s our pure emotions and dedication in this relation which sounds and best understood in the silence.

— Destiny vs Serendipity



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