Good Morning Cosmos,

Woke up this morning  with a beautiful song from the recent times. “Samjhawan” from Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya.

We all try to make up with the one we love for the disagreements, by various means. Sometimes by talking to each other, sometimes texting to each other, sometimes communicating through Whatsapp status too in today’s hi-tech world, sometimes through mails and letters, sometimes through our DP’s and sometimes with our silence.

For many of us, just like me, songs are one of the best means of communication. The “Samjhawan” songs depicts calling the one’s we love back and letting them know why we love them. Our hearts have chosen them because they are The Chosen One’s from eternity for us and now we walk along their side by side on the journey. Our all the bad omens are magically banished just by their presence.

The song show little anger also of why we have got attached to them if we were to break their heart.But to me “sweeping off the feet” moment is their grace on us that they still love us so much despite of our stupidities. Even then they see our silhouette in their shadows. For they see the the reflection of the mighty in us. They do so much and care so much for us that the divine feeling expressed in the last four lines of the song. Overall the song tell us that we cannot leave them no matter what comes for the privilege they have given to us by having their love in our hearts.

We are just a peg in the vast oceans of love they carry for us. We are grateful to them they have let us to be the part of their life. Similarly just believe in us and our love too. We won’t let you down for the care and warmth you have planted in us. All of us in one or the other phase of life has asked for one chance, just one chance, to prove ourselves, as we know our might, our capability and our commitment. The same way we need just one chance and faith in us for the love we stand for.

So if your words fall short of expressing your heart, let the song communicate for you on your behalf.

तैनू छड के कित्थे जावां, तू मेरा परछावां ,
तेरे मुखड़े विच ही मैं तां रब नू अपने पावां…

तू कर ऐतबार मेरा, मैं करां इंतज़ार तेरा,
तू दिल तू ए जान मेरी,
जान मेरी….♥


Youtube link for the song:-



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