He was hers and hers only. Always.

The faint smell of you that resides in my arms, seeks your presence. The longevity if our emotions questions me. What is life without you? Why is the significance of my existence? How is the every second lived without you? I have been running from all these questions in my dreams, in my consciousness and unconsciousness, both.
There was boy. His name was Aaron. He was in love with a girl called Felicia. Aaron was not so hunk or so smart or whatever the other metaphors for description of beauty, but he had a one of the most beautiful creation in the world, Felicia. The other day Aaron was riding with his parents in the car. he was sitting the on the rear seat and was lost in his own thoughts. “Who is she to me? Why do I feel alone even in the crowd when she is not with me? What is that bonding agent that binds our souls to each other? What if we two do not succeed in our love? What if we get separated? What if the dreams we two have seen to fulfill with each other gets deserted and perish like a rose in parching sun? What if, what if not, etc.” he was pondering and gazing outside the car window. He was looking for the answers the one I have been finding too.
With a sudden shrieking noise their vehicle stopped at a red light in the traffic. The disorderly sound of horns disrupted his thoughtfulness. He looked outside the window. On a vehicle diagonally to theirs was bearing a name. Felicia. May be the vehicle driver has embossed the name of his wife or daughter on the upper half of windscreen. The man smiled and waved his hand to Aaron. For Aaron don’t know why was struck with the name Felicia and was skeptically looking the windscreen without a flip of pupil.
Somehow, the green light popped up and everything came back to normal and Aaron too again started to dwell in his thoughts. The ride was getting boring so one of his parents switched on the radio to amuse themselves. What the hell, the very first song requested on the radio was requested by some girl Felicia from Georgia. Is this a co-incidence or what? He tried but failed miserably on this co-incidence making any sense. Anyways, the song was love song. It was song where a girl was telling the boy she loved that why she loves him and what will be the life without him.
Finally, they were at their destination. Aaron leaned to the side to open the car door and as he stepped out his face was outlined by the pink light that was getting flashed from the billboard above him. Felicia’s Kitchen. This can’t be true. There must be something abrupt going on with the celestial powers. Why am I catching her name wherever I go? First at the traffic signal, then the song on radio, now this, Felicia’s Kitchen. That evening throughout the whole dinner Aaron’s mind and heart were absent. He had an emotional afternoon with Felicia as he was moving for a new assignment in another city.
Somehow he gulped some food to keep company to his parents and then all left for the airport. He bid bye to his parents and boarded the aircraft. But fate was not letting go Aaron. The air hostess’ badge. Again. Felicia. Senior Flight Hostess. I’ll go mad as he looked with questioning eyes towards the air hostess. He somehow caught up with his seat. The aircraft was just standing still and making noise due to mechanical symphonies.
Aaron was fearful of flights. His heartbeat used to go up. As the aircraft was making more and more noise his heartbeats were rising more and more today also. It was beating very abruptly and it seems to be sinking but the reason was something else. Felicia. Just like some urban legends say that when you are the doorstep of death your whole life flashes in front of you. The same was going on with Aaron. All of the flashes in front of his eyes were of Felicia. The love they shared, the laughs they shared, the times they cried, the songs they sang or dedicated to each other, the disagreements they shared, the dishes they baked in their kitchen, the nights they spent talking to each other, the pampering and bribing they did to each other to get cuddled, the seasons they welcomed, etc. Every second, every minute, every day, everything was striking on the Aaron’s heart and mind like the waves of tsunami.
With a sudden pump up of adrenaline and oxytocin, Aaron jumped of his seat and ran towards the aircraft door and ran back to the terminal with officials from the airport authority following him. He tried to explain them but he was not having much time because the co-incidence of the evening and throttle of the aircraft engine whispered in his ears, “You won’t get another life to live with her. Don’t leave her”.
Anyhow he sorted the matter with the officials and hailed for the taxi. He was feeling nostalgic, eyes brimming with tears but happy also that he was returning home, to Felicia. But at the same time skeptical. Will Felicia be there? Was this realization bound to happen and if it was bound to happen, why it happened this way? Why? Will Felicia understand he never want to leave her? Aaron never had guts to leave her and live away from her. With questions and questions he was just praying. Felicia just be there.
I too do not know the next part of the story but me too feel that if something is destined to happen, will happen, for love being one of those things. All I know, life is a hollow shell without the person we love. Our existence gets a meaning because of the Felicia in our life. Love them, tell them why you love them, tell them why you hate the very even thought of living away from them, fight with them not for the petty issues but fight along with them for the combined destiny, respect them and their thoughts, address their opinions for they will be by your side all lifelong.
Life is gloomy without you my Felicia feels the crying Aaron inside each of us. I may be very good in wits but that wit is useless if it is not filled by your carefree smiles and laughs. I’m a lazy bun but the activeness you inject in me, miss somewhere in your absence. The more I see my face in mirror, the more it resembles to you. I try to smile but that smile miss the flavor you bring. I deal with my daily issues and everyday life but at the end of the day when you are not there I feel that I lived someone else’s day today. We can run faster alone but together we can have a walk of life, living each and every moment to the fullest with each other.

Like always wanted to be just with my Felicia. Always. Then. Now. Forever.

HBD and of course a HNY♥



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