The Butterfly Effect

I read somewhere about the Chaos Theory which states that even a flap of the wings of the butterfly can change the course of the universe. It seems very unlikely but if you think as the subject who proposed this theory and start counting the events that fall after the flapping of wings by the butterfly, you will be integrating all the unknowns and unpredictable course of various phenomena and will finally conclude that Chaos Theory is possible.

I’m not aware of the practicality of the Chaos Theory in the physical world but at the same time I cannot rule out the possibility of the chaos in our relations that similar to the Chaos Theory. Chaos may be a constrictive one or destructive one. Feelings are the flaps of the butterfly wings. These flaps are the nuggets that have existence in our nature, each and everyone, and are omnipresent. The nature of the human beings is that we are unaware of these nuggets. These nuggets may be an underlying feeling of compassion or a underlying feeling of insecurity, etc.

A color pallet of the painter has all the kinds of the color shades. Some are cool, some are warm, some creeps fear inside us, some make us sad, etc. Some shades we create by mixing two or more colors but we as a human being are represented by the painting which has all the colors of the visible spectrum. That painting on the whole defines us, not the individual colors and shades.

Then there comes some fine day that these omnipresent things become so big to such a extent that we magnify these throw away rags of ill feelings or the flower bouquets of love and harmony. Negative feelings we need to be bothered about as these little devils rip apart the way you used to see the world. Sometimes we get too proud to declare the things that Yes…!!!This is the best for this situation or the scenario and since we are human beings only, we may miss the bird’s eye view of the whole situation. We love to follow our heart and the feelings of love and harmony so if we come across a constructive feeling like benevolence, expression etc, embrace it immediately.So either of negative or the positive the flap may be, the outcome is bound to be affected where you can portray the future but you cannot outline it.

So whenever you feel that a fervent expression or  feeling of insecurity, that was not there yesterday then how can it surface today out of nowhere, then remember, cosmic pool contains everything. Nothing is added, nothing is deleted in this sap. This applies to all. These feelings were there since the beginning, feelings like feeling unworthiness, insecurity, lack of faith, etc in very insignificant quantities but it is we who have watered these demons and instead of burying them deep into the sands of time, we have taken care of them unknowingly. Same is the scenario with the constructive feelings also.Welcome those pretty positive things and enlighten your nature.

Chaos Theory may be applicable to some extent to the relations as per me. So avoid the unwanted outcomes,always thrive to remove the variables like absence of harmony, decisions based when running high on emotions, etc. At the same time if you encounter the constructive feelings then let the Chaos Theory work in your favor. This theory is neither negative nor positive in my perspective. It just show a analogy of the how small, unnoticed, unwanted, unexpected things (good or bad) impact the relations on a larger scale.



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