The Speech

Meryl Streep. One of the finest actors that Hollywood has gifted to the world. With so many heart touching stories and characters she has given to the art lovers that has made her immortal in the hearts of her believers. I was just scrolling down the channels of my idiot box yesterday, when I just halted on a channel where she was dressed in the black gown, holding an elegant attire and stature of remarkable presence in the presentation hall. She was called up by another powerful actress of current times, Viola Davis to honor her with the  Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Annual Golden Globes

She went emotional on receiving the award. Though for a widely acknowledged actress having tons of accolades and appreciations across the globes this was just another feather in the hat but her emotions were brimmed up.

She felt proud for the spirit of Hollywood to accept everyone, wherever he/she is from. All of these people are the part of Hollywood as a family. She remembered the 2015 incident (not mentioned though) where the physically disabled reporter was mocked up the current President and for which Streep had raised her voice. She called upon the actors to have the empathy while doing their job.

One thing that she moved my heart with a golden touch was about her departed friend who once told her,” Take your broken heart, make into art.” So true are these words. You may have made up your life upon someone or something and there may be fairly chances that the life will not go as per your planned dreams. You may face a hit, a road block or stumble upon something. You may get your heart broken for infinite number of reasons or unmeasurable types of justifications, but remember it will. So what…??? You are not the first person to bear this pain.

Many have faced it and many more will face it. This is love. One of the ingredient to which is pain. So get up. There may be the ones who have loved you for hundreds of your traits but may have judged you for one thing. That one thing which you thought was a prank, could have been gone wrong. While you may be more confident of their faith in you as compared to your faith in yourself still misunderstanding may topple and triumph the love and faith.

So whatever the force it is or the factor it is take that broken heart and make it an art. Whatever the thing or the being you have longed upon is already present with you for life long as the primer. May be not in the form you required but may be in the form destiny required.

So hold them and walk it off.

Here is Meryl Streep’s speech:



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