Why did I start to blog…

The day I started to write down this scrapbook of mine there was just one thing going on my mind that was the churned up byproduct of my rational thinking and the tornado of emotions that my heart was going through. All I wanted to find a room to scream, canvas to paint, a place where I was not meant to be judged. I didn’t want to write in a fancy manner the one with lots of metaphors, coated with sugar and above all the ones with rare English words for which you may require a dictionary. Because that is not the beauty of expressing, what either me or anyone who wants to speak his heart would look for. Simplicity is the bliss. This blog is a portrayal of my nature, the one which matches with what I write here and what I do in my real life. This blog of mine is not meant to broadcast my writing skills or advertise myself. This blog is just to reach the people out there who think much like me. All I want people who may not express or communicate to anyone but when they reach this blog they would find out that there are other people like them who are writing down the things what they too are feeling. We all are unique yet we all swim through the same pool as in Olympics but in different lanes.

Remember in the broader perspective if things are not meant to be, they will never be. No matter how hard we try, no matter how hard we give up our best, no matter how much pain we make while setting the things right, no matter how far we walk on the burning coals, no matter how much we may be emotionally and practically sound, no matter how strong we are handling the issues of maturity, no matter how good we are at maintaining the balance on the edge, the things that are meant to happen will happen. These chaotic flaps of the relations somehow make us succumb to dirt. Just like it takes a little relief when get vaccinated to put the sterilized cotton ball on the prick, but the actual pain goes off when our body gets starting to fight the prick and starts to heal.

So it’s all life folks. Ups and downs. Twists and turns. Keep walking.



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