The Russian Proverb

Тяжёлый млат дробит стекло, куёт булат – The same hammer that shatters the glass forges the steel— A Russian Proverb

We all are unique in the crowd. Unique in the galaxy, unique in our carbon footprint on the face of the planet earth. We are common people. Neither the ones with the flying capes nor the ones with an invincible armor. But yes, we all are the superheroes.

What are the ingredients that make a superhero? The recipe of a superhero is limitless courage, undying spirit of the fighting for a moral code, an immense volume of motivation and sense of responsibility. But these all traits, we the common people have already in our day to day fight with life. Whoever we are and in whatever phase of life we are in, we all standing up against our dreams, our adversaries, our haters, our demons.

Getting a beating is not the absolute courage. It is partially correct but not completely. When you hit someone you are aware of the consequences of your actions so you are mentally prepared for the impact you will face. But for me the person who takes on the impact, is stronger than the one delivering it. Getting hit, falling down looks like a sign of a coward but how much beating you can take without kneeling down to your opponent is what takes you to glory. Winning is secondary, primary is how well do you take up the blow. So we all are stronger than anything and remember defeat is just an another illusion bring back you to reality.

Everything is relative in this universe. From particle interactions to human emotions. All are relative to one or the other thing. I have heard a lot of whining that people change with time. But I do not feel that the people change. It is the circumstances and situations that change as per the plan of wheel of fortune,  not the people. These changes in the circumstances alter the thinking of people. It is just like one man’s soldier is another man’s mercenary. But the people who actually love you will embrace you for what you are not for what you have done under the influence of a certain circumstance.

Always remember we are common people but not so common. We may be fragile or weak but we have immense courage and hell bound will to kill inside us. We are none less than a superhero. We have gone through tempering, quenched in the coldest of the realities of life but we are here. We have been forged by the same hammer that sometimes beats the hell out of our spirits. Yet here we stand.





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