The heart break…(Part 1) The unexpected

It was last evening that she had her last meal. She was so happy planning for the future prospects of living with him. The dream that she has watered the day she fell in love with him. The dreams that she had taken glimpse with him. But this morning the bombshell dropped. She came across his stupidity and rammed by his in-sensitiveness. He was behaving just like an inconsiderate brute from past couple of months that all the good in her were seemingly ignored by him. Those imperfections he used to tell her that made him feel in love with her. She could not believe it was him who had left no leaves unturned in loving her. The moments he made special for her but what facet of his loving nature was this. He made her feel like the one taken for granted for all the things that she has done for him to tell him that he is the one she is made for. For she has put so much of her existence itself just because she loves him.

She was in a mix of sadness, anger, deceit and left alone mode that she locked herself in her room. She was turning the pages of their chats and deleting one by one the conversations they shared. The stupid ones, the puny ones, the word fight, the make-up gesture, the nagging, the craziness. Each click on the delete tab was accompanied by a tear from her eyes. She opened her treasure box that she has hidden in her closet and took out the letters she had received from him. She opened each letter and tried to feel the words as she touched them but all could she feel was the agony she has been burning since morning. How could he be so rude? Instead of making up he yelled at me. Told me that I was like all other girls. After all, that she meant to him how could he?

Days started to roll by and nine months passed. Every day she woke up with one question why did this happen to her. What was left to be done by her that the love she believed in brought her so much pain? Her days passed in agony. The footsteps seemed to be so heavy that she was getting dragged down under the weight of the so called love she was proud of. She again showed her heart to him even after all this is that she misses him, the way or the other she was trying to show him that she never left him. For her heart is still beats for him and God damn how can he not see that her life is so flawed and flaky without him. But it seems that he has moved on as if this relation meant nothing to him. All things that he said, did or told her were myth.

She was sitting in her lawn basking in the winter sun. Scribbling in her scrapbook and shaping her future plans. She had been in the utter pain after all these nine months. She just wanted to be herself. She needed to focus on her individuality because making him the center of her life only made her fall face first that itself shattered her existence.

Does Ms. Sara live here? —hailed the courier boy from the gate. She popped her neck from behind the traditional cane chair she was sitting on and said,” Yes and it’s me”. She took the letter and bid a Have a happy day gesture smile to the courier boy.

The letter was unexpected. She ran to her room and closed it shut. She opened the letter and a grim look engulfed her face. The very first opening words and she sat on her bed with thud….

To be continued…



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