The heart break…(Part 3) The fateful encounter

It was a rainy morning. Monsoon had hit the sub-continent two weeks back. It was the first rain in the region she lived. The whole morning was rejuvenated by the earthly smell of freshness. She woke rubbing her eyes. It had been a long night. All night she was awake and was brushing up the … Continue reading The heart break…(Part 3) The fateful encounter


Humming Today…

Just stumbled upon this melodious song from a hindi daily soap while switching channels. Anyways, the song has glued on my lips. Wish they had made more of it. ये किस मक़ाम पे मेरा दिल आ रुका है, ये कैसी कश्मकश है...ये क्या माज़रा है, तू प्यार है...तू ही तबाही,  तू क़ैद है...तू ही रिहाई...!!! … Continue reading Humming Today…

Day of Love… ♥️

Love does not need a day to showcase its essence. It is celebrated in the each passing moments itself. It is a fragrance that engulfs the soul, drenches the heart, germinates the passion, replicates the faith, conquer the fears, gives warmth to feelings, skies to dreams and path to Nirvana. Peace.

The heart break… (Part 2) ♥ The letter

"Miss You Sara…♥                 For past nine months I let you suffer day and night in the agony and made you felt deserted in mid of the love journey we embarked upon. Unfortunate have been the twists and turns of life that something we never expected, something we never even dreamt of in our wildest … Continue reading The heart break… (Part 2) ♥ The letter