The heart break… (Part 2) ♥ The letter

Miss You Sara…♥

                For past nine months I let you suffer day and night in the agony and made you felt deserted in mid of the love journey we embarked upon. Unfortunate have been the twists and turns of life that something we never expected, something we never even dreamt of in our wildest other worldly dreams. But this all the heart crushing incident that happened where I went too far on being a cute irritating person that I was for you, to the one ignorant and ranting brute. For a single moment I did not realized with whom I’m behaving like this. The girl who has dedicated each and every moment of her life to me while fighting her own life issues. It is a man’s first priority to make the world jealous not his woman. However, it is said there is some unknown miscreant side inside of us and sometimes it blindly makes us act in such a way that we crush the feelings of one love. Even after all this mess created by me you have loved me from all those broken pieces of your heart. I know I have committed one of the crime that are not meant to be forgiven. But no ill-intention behind the stupidity is the one flickering flame in me that has given me the strength for seeking the redemption of making things right.

It has been a hell bound trip to me for every single moment I have witnessed without your presence. I know behind all this skull crushing fatal incident is some stupid reason but yes this all happened for a reason. It all happened to learn that who I am. It was meant to happen to test our bond.

I devised all the unusual methods to reverse the things that resulted to that doomsday. And trust me I have tried so hard to get the things straight once again to be together. I tried all the stupid stuff like arranging my room in the way it was before the spat because I believed may be the change in the location of the things in the house brought the rift in between us. Tried to cut off all the contacts and hid myself in my own cocoon too but no success. I do have a respect for astronomy but I explored all the astronomical bodies to find the cause behind all of which that happened. But nothing gave me an answer to all my agony and all your sufferings.

Then one night I woke up sweating in the horrors of that nightmare where I saw you crying and hating for me for what I have done to this sweet relation. I caught my breath and strolled towards the mirror. To my surprise, the moment I looked myself in the mirror. I saw your face instead of mine. Astonished yet standing on my feet, I rubbed my eyes and tried to convince me that I was not dreaming. But no. I was not dreaming I was actually looking at you. Your big watery eyes with depths more than the oceans of the world. Your wet hairs and drops of the water falling from them making an artistry on the floor. Yes, it was you. I was looking at myself right into the mirror but your was face was getting reflected at me. I have known you from the beginning of history when neither you nor I knew that we two existed for each other in this universe.

That moment gave me the answer which none of my thwarted efforts gave me in all these months. See I’m such an idiot that I was looking for the answers outside when I had the answers lying inside me. Inside the love we have. All these months taught that how much petty and small I am to handle your love. That I have to learn so much to handle the power of your love and shall not forget that love itself is responsibility in itself. I don’t want to look back when I’m 70 years old and regret what a great life it would have been with you.

It is several times you had stepped forward to overlook the trifle issues and make up or it may be sometimes I had stepped forward to amend the things by ignoring the silly things but there are times when we both have to step forward at same time to make the things right. I know that it takes equal strength for both of  us, for the one who takes the first step and the one who accepts the other with all his/her heart. Time to take that leap of faith which brought us on the fateful journey of love.

Miss You…

Yours Only Fred…

With a blank face she crouched like a puppy in her bed, folded the letter, slipped it under her pillow and started staring her sketch hanging on the wall. It was from him. Every stroke was his effort and how much he valued their love.

To be continued



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