The heart break…(Part 3) The fateful encounter

It was a rainy morning. Monsoon had hit the sub-continent two weeks back. It was the first rain in the region she lived.

The whole morning was rejuvenated by the earthly smell of freshness. She woke rubbing her eyes. It had been a long night. All night she was awake and was brushing up the draft of her first novel. She watched the water dripping from the leaves, small streams of gushing water from the terrace drainage out of her window. Water was symbolically showing her the adaptability and power of creating the path through the toughest terrain.

It was 9 AM. She popped up from her bed. Got fresh, braided her messy curly hairs, took the moped’s key, and walked out. It seemed that the child inside has begged her to go out in such an awesome weather. “Sara…” her mother called her out when she was about to kick start her moped. She in a jolly voice replied, “No Mom… It is such a good weather. I need some fresh ideas for the book to remove my writer’s block…” With puss eyes, she looked at her mother. Her mother approved her wish as she had seen what her daughter has been through past 18 months.” Take care sweetheart”, her mother hailed. “I will…,” saying, she vanished like a whirlwind.

Now the question was what is the destination? She somehow came out of her home to live this refreshingly great morning but where to now from here? She carried on the path just watching people who were acting in their daily lifestyles. Kids trying to splash the water from puddle of water in the roads, big cars and buses vrooming in the waterlogged roads, colorful umbrellas striking in the dusky contrast. She herself was drenched but each drop of water falling on her was reviving her spirit.

“Screeeeeccchhhhh…” the sound of brakes.” Way to the Riverfront”. Why I shall not take this way, she thought looking at the billboard. Riverfront was her favorite place in the whole town. She drove to the riverfront and started to step down the stairs. The rain was more or less now conveterd to fine misty drizzling. And there it was, her place where she found the blissful solitude. Whether sad, gloomy or feeling depressed, this was the place where she found the answers to her questions. The crackling sound of the river water vibrated in her soul.She decided to sit on the stairs that were wet with the rainwater but hardly mattered to her.

She watched the flow of the water and slowly glided to her reverie. What was life before these one and a half years and what it is now. She was staring in the infiniteness of the water and lost in the chirps of the birds. 

“Pasta…??? Actually, I cannot finish this all alone?” Words that broke her other worldly state. She was the queen of her solitude and how dare anyone disturb her in this. This was her place. Her hideout. Irritated she turned to her right, looked up and there he was. In a maroon T-shirt (that she gifted him) looking with big curious eyes behind the glass walls of his frameless specs, holding the cup of white pasta in his hand.

As if she was hit with half a million volts of electricity from a Tesla coil. She stood immediately. Not a single idea in the holy hell how to react, she tried to walk away. Just few steps had she moved that she heard her name from him, “Sara”. She stopped as if she hit the wall. “No…No…No… Pl say that all I’m seeing or hearing is a hallucination or is he really here.”

“It’s me Sara, Fred.I knew that one day I’ll find you here. And I know in the hell how many white pasta I have unloaded in my tummy.” He smirked in an innocent manner. Nevertheless, she was standing with her back towards him. Head down. With emotions pumping in her veins. 

She then decided finally to walk away as that would be the best answer to this situation as she hardly ever dreamt of this kind of situation would come in her life after all she had been through. But at a sudden she felt that he held her hand and dragged her towards him with a jerk. And there she was facing towards him with eyes towards her feet. It started raining the moment he pulled her. Drops of water were tipping on his feet. He was barely wise enough to identify whether those were from sky or from her eyes…

And there were they in that awkward position where they neither were hugging each other nor were they speaking anything. Just there was the sound of their hearts and the noise of water droplets and their emotions…

(To be continued…)


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