The heart break…(Part 4) Typical Fred

“It has been hell without you. That day until today, none of moment passed which was not having your memories” said Fred while they were sitting on the banks side by side. She was still lightning struck of his sudden sighting but she was listening to him. Scratching her right hand’s index finger nail to her left hand thumb’s nail. She was still unaware of how to react or how will she end up her hour-long silence so she was engaged in her child like brooding. Fred could sense the anger and stiffness from her expressions. “I know that sorry is just a two syllable word and I guess the widely used in the world but nobody understand the meaning of a sorry actually. We love people, we care for them, we pick for them, we take for them and do all those things, which for a bystander looks weird. However, no one actually looks from our point of view from where we see the relation with the people we love. That feeling of attachment, compassion, tenderness, and benevolence makes the word sorry a complete sentence. I am no mathematician but I know the meaning of integrating the person I love and adore.”

She hearing love from his mouth raised her eyebrows and she looked towards him and God he can see the hell raising in her cold stare. He was not in the position to look into her eyes and so turned his face to the river.

“I know. I have seen that look before and trust me I have felt the shivering that day also and today also. You are fire by nature. Your passion and energy is too much impacting and the type of impression you make in the cosmos cannot be denied. As far as I am concerned, I am cold. Cold as water in fact cold as ice. However, the bond that adhered us to one another is this Fire and Ice saga only, where you engulf my coldness to maintain the sanity of the emotions and where I assimilate your warmth to preserve the depths of sacrifices and care. “

“I have not walked away. I was here only beside you. It is just that sometimes the nature tests our will and our love against the sands of the time. Your worst fear is abandonment so is mine and I swear never in the hell I would have ever dreamt of, yet I have hurt you”…sighs in despair looking towards his feet.

“You are my home Sara. I have been drifted in the oceans of vast emptiness long before you met to me. But the very moment I saw you, waving your hand to me far from the shore. I do not know whether the winds sailed me towards you or towards the shore but I remember it was you who first reached out for me to take me out of water not the shore. And the moment I laid my head on your lap I felt like I’m home because it felt like home. I never cared even that island where you saved me was mainland or not. For me it was my planet. You complete me Sara. You are my beacon in the dark stormy nights, my answer to all the dilemmas. My treasure for all my quests. And I…”

“Will you Pl shut-up”, she said. Instead, I should say roared. And trust me Fred had never seen her this facet. Every gram of the super heroism in him was vaporized in front of this lioness.

To be continued…



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