The heart break…(Part 5) Eruption and Meltdown

She stood up with rage and looked down towards him. Pointing her finger towards him she growled, “ Don’t…!!! Just zip it Mr.Fredrick. I have listened to your melodrama tens of times in past also, so do not want to hear all the crap over and over again. It took months for me to collect the pieces of my broken heart to a reassemble them and hold my sanity which you are currently looking at. Do you have any idea what happens when the one you love with all you got keeping once relations, career and even life at stake and one fine day everything just seems a mirage.

He was speechless on these fireballs from her. He stood up and looked towards her with seeking mercy but the goddess was on rampant to destroy anything. This all was the build up of the past few months. And somewhere in his heart he too was knowing that she is right. If he was in that position he would have done the same.

He tried to console her,” I know Sara. I’m the culprit. For me it took the same amount of time to collect the broken pieces of my heart too. My heart is made up of your memories only and every time I picked up a piece it hurt me and I have bled, both from my soul and from my eyes.”

“Ohh…So can you please explain to me Mr.Fredrick then when I was so much to you then what was that stupid reason that you left me in the halfway? I’m saying that reason a stupid one because I’m sure it will be a one looking towards your stupid face.”, she yelled sarcastically.

“Yes Sara, you are right. It was a stupid reason. You judge and anticipate me so well. But that stupidity of mine does not undermine the fact that I do not love you. All I wanted you to be happy. I know our parents would accept us but when we do not know and I do not want to linger upon your future due to this uncertainty. I do not want your parents to look at me the person who took their daughter in the wrong way. I want to win their heart not break. I cannot make them see their daughter marrying to a person about whom they are skeptical, against their parental right. I want you but not like this. I don’t want to marry you alone. I want to marry to your whole family and even to that stupid canine brother of yours, your husky”, continued he.

She was looking at him and he could tell that how hard is she resisting herself not to punch him and beat the hell out of him. Sarcastically clapping, she smiled towards him and said,” Thanks a lot for letting me know the secret to die for you behaving like a jerk nine months ago. Do you have any idea that what love does mean? It means no fight, no struggle, no humiliation, no hardship is meant for individual. It is joint war for the people who love and care. But you tried to be the sacrificing soul but did you even think for a second how will I cope up with this pain of separation and how will you face your fear of abandonment…?”

He was speechless. “ I have loved you the way you are and the way we looked towards our future. I agree there were fears but we had each other. What else was required…?”, She grinned in anger,”I do not love you in fragments I just love you.That’s it. I hardly care if you act stupid, act weird or spin my head off with all the irritation stuff you do. I accept the person you are.” By this time the Venus inside her had started revealing her compassionate side. She added,” If I have loved your maturity, I have nothing to bother about your shortcomings. Your imperfections make you different from the class and I love your perfections along with them, though I had hardly  given any importance to your imperfections until it seemed that they will harm you.”

He was shocked to see the depth of her love and felt puny. How the beauty and compassion of Venus can be transformed in blood and bones was answered to him today.

“I’m sorry, Sara. I acted so immaturely” But you could have slapped me and brought to me on the ground reality the day I made this mistake. I did not contacted you because I felt you will not forgive me.” Fred as usual looked towards her with his famous (in their world) puss eyes.

“You are stupid person Mr.Fred”, said she and slapped him hard which followed with a tight hug. Both had erupted and melted down. This was accumulating in each of them since long. It need to spilled out. And now there they were light and relieved. The fateful test had forged their bond more securely.

In other words, they had found their home. That passionate and melting hug was lock to their love.



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