Alloyed Love

You know what I am an idiot. Yes. I know that you are well aware of this. But thought of telling you.

I know that I went too far just without any ill feeling but forgot that I’m hurting myself by hurting you.

Repeatedly one way or the other made you suffer because of my immaturities.

I try to stay out of trouble, a typical trait of mine, but one way or the other I end up locking horns with you.

You are right. Right to be angry and every bit of the stardust will agree with you.

I am a mechanical engineer for most part of my life and know the bending stress and the fracture point.

Relations also work on these physical forces of science where I subjected you to bending stress so high, that you reached your fracture point.

Once broken it cannot be mended but every wreckage deserves a chance to be restrored.

Nevertheless, for that we both will have to melt like a metal.

For you it is your anger and for me it is my efforts in seeking forgiveness that is melting us.

However, until and unless we reach the melting point we will not be able to merge once again.

The period we have been away has increased our passion and restlessness constantly day in and day out.

And until we burn as per our in borne nature we cannot be fixed.

Love is forged with the downtimes and shined by the buffing wheel of faith.

We have to be a alloy dear. You in me and me in you in equal proportions with astounding properties as together.






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