Dear Myself…

Dear Myself,

You have many wrongs in you,which very few or may be just one person who knows about them.

One thing that nobody can ever have is the die-hard optimism you have.

You fall but you go to any extent to make things right but sometimes efforts fall short.

Pick-up yourself. I know it takes immense courage to pretend to smile when you are eroding from inside slowly and slowly.

And trust me nobody in the world can answer you for the loneliness you are going through. Except the one who loves you.

But sometimes their anger overcasts you as a human being as the one whom once they thought as the source of faith, trust and love.

It hurts. I know and it hurts immense. If there were, any device to measure the pain of abandonment, the one you love could have seen how much you and they are getting grinded in this emotional tussle.

You both have given your every bit to live upto the expectation of a combined dream and never undermined yours and theirs micro to mammoth efforts.

But sometimes we have to make a choice to choose between right and wrong between day and night.

However, there is this great trick by cupid that nothing is right or wrong in love.

You are accused of something by the person you love accept it because they can. They have the right to. Why? Because they love you.

Saddest part is that they believe in you but still they have chosen to hate you instead of getting angry.

But it is you who know for God sake that you have placed them second to none.

Accept the fact they are hurt and none of your methods or ways to amend the situation is sufficient that’s why for this long period they have hold onto their anger.

Get up. Hold up to the baggage you yourself are. It is not that they can’t forgive you but your deeds have compelled them not to.

Mistakes happen. Everybody does them. That’s what makes us human. But the only factor that matters is the intention. Its is just how each and every individual processes it.

You cannot demand them to view a mistake in a particular light you want to. We all are one of a kind.

All you can do is to wish them to be happy. That’s all you can think of and wish of. More than this they do not want you to be the part of their life.

If it is meant to be, it will be. Love finds the way, unexpectedly but yes, it will.

Suit up, wish them and start walking down the way.

— Destiny vs Serendipity



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