I’m here for you…♥

I love and I love you very very much.

I can find the words and dig up the vast ocean of words but I will not be able to find the words to express.I feel you when I miss you trolling around me. I miss you when I don’t see you for long hours.Yes this all is not new. People before have loved and will keep on loving their soulmates.But no one can have that incredible amount of love that I share with you because they don’t have you.

You have taken so much pain to be with me and so did I. You are pragmatic. I am optimistic.But here I am girl with you. Running across all the challenges. All the hardships.

I’m here to tell you that I feel restless when you are not with me.

I’m here to tell you that I go nuts when you irritate me beyond my limits.

I’m here to get hugged by you when you find me down because of petty issues at my professional life.

I’m here to hold you when you put up your trust upon me and take the leap of faith.

I’m here to cuddle you when the thunderstorm draws the nerve out of you.

I’m here to hold onto you for hours and hours of talks over phone. Sometimes very important ones and sometimes the just the not-so-important stuff…:P

I’m here to spend nights on the just sleeping with headphones in my ears synchronizing rhythmically my heartbeats with yours.

I’m here to be a not so much but yeah, a possessive person to cherish your exclusive presence.

I’m here to get jealous from your friends when they take my share of time from you.

I’m here for you, for all the knicks and knacks, for all the emotions, for all the senses and all of you.

I’m afraid to live life without you. It seems to be very weird thing but practically I may have to live without you, but that is not I want to. I see you when I close my eyes. I want to see you when open them. You may be nowhere close to me yet I run towards your fragrance. I have always dreamt of keeping you happy and I will, till the limit of mortality and if knew beyond mortality, yes then also.

May be one day I’ll give you a very stupid reason that will force you to leave me or may be one day you will find hard to digest some of my trait and overlook the amount of punishment for the level of stupidity. Anything can happen. Just do not make opinion about me. Just like I’m for you, you are also the only one that I have met and you are the only one I have ever known. I don’t have strength to compare you to any other girl. However, if we will not be together I want you to do one thing. Never doubt on my intentions for you. I’ m pure in my feelings the day I first met when we had nothing between us, to this day when we are having an entire universe between us. I have tried to hold to you and will. Just this time is not under my control. It is said that love is beyond times but what is the use of that “beyond times” love, when you are not with me.

You may be right that I may have one or many, but none of will be equal to you. Yes you are right. None of them will be. But I don’t want to have anyone apart from you beside me when I wake up in the middle of the night.

— Destiny vs Serendipity


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