You are my Super Villain

The laser bullets were heading fast towards him. He was dodging the deadly stingers  with all the skill sets he had acquired in these long years of crime fighting. “The Protector” (our Superhero) was handed over the key of the city by the Mayor to protect the realm and sovereignty. It had been a long week to crack this knuckle head who was blood thirsty and showering the rain of laser bullets on him. Knuckle head…??? Ohh…Knuckle Head. The bad ass villain of the Summer City. He has been raging the city since a long time with his wickedness, shrewdness and mercilessness. In other words, a tough nut to crack. He has put our hero in so much different scenarios and endangered situations that sometimes he seems to be invincible.

But every time just like the wisdoms says in end it’s the Good that always merge as victorious. The Protector’s skill set, daring and never back down attitude draws the curtain over the Knuckle Head’s evil plans.

It is not like that The Protector has only Knuckle Head to face in his whole career but it is Knuckle Head who brings out the best of The Protector. It is the Knuckle Head that polishes the Protector’s skills beyond his imagination and limits.

The game between The Protector and the Knuckle Head is like the one between Tom and Jerry. Just like Batman and the Joker. Just like Superman and the Lex Luthor. Just like Spiderman and the Dr.Octopus. Each one is incomplete without the other.

So, I’m not a superhero. But I do have a super villain in my life. And that’s you. You are my cutest, loveliest, nerve wrecking, caring, “a priceless diamond” super villain. I do not have any tiniest of the tiny existence without you. You are my favorite because you complete me. You are the one I want to be attached to eternity, till the end of time…♥♥♥



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