Just a passing thought…🏩

Just a random thought. Assume that your personality, your life, your dreams, your nature are elements of an abode. So basically in total your life is a house. A house that is not made up of bricks and mortar, but instead made up of something more concrete. It is made up of your soul, will power, your emotions and other traits of your personality.

In this house you have doors, windows and skylights to let in and out the things. So take an example of love. Love when comes through the door faces the least resistance. It faces more resistance when you let him in through window. Now think of skylight. It is the most difficult path for the love to come in. So when we let love in from the skylight we should know the difficulty faced by him in reaching into your heart.

It is easy to do little or big things when it is easy for someone to see you, meet you, talk to you, hang out with you, etc. This is like when you let love through door. But you cannot sleep keeping door opened. Whereas skylight lets the right brightness, ventilation into the house.So when you compare love stepping through skylight you find a relaxed environment in your heart and soul.

 So love the effort of people who love you despite of numerous miscommunications, boundaries you may create because of any reason, cut off all the lines of connections. You never know their efforts are the sign of their deep bonded love, commitment and never dying affection for you.



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