The Nagging Kid

“Hello… Where are you…??? I have been waiting for your call… I cannot locate my socks and tie… What’s this humming sound in the background…???” —as usual his inquisitive and restless behavior whenever she left for the office before him.

“Damn…!!!…” He cursed himself as if he was struck with lightening.

“Don’t tell me that I have again forgotten that you will be attending your business seminar (DO NOT DISTURB kind of) today…???— He swallowed his saliva, winked his eye in the realization of mistake and inadvertently waited not to get scolding.

“Oh… I’m sorry… I completely lost that you are on your way to attend your business seminar…” he tried to pacify before she could say anything.

Actually the silence was itself the complete answer to his redundant silly stuffs but the other side it was different kind of silence and with a deep breath she forcefully whispered,” Are you out of your mind? I have been telling you since one week that management is having a critical seminar on the employee retention and resources utilization and I’ll be presenting business case for this fiscal year. And here you are asking me your socks and tie? Why can’t you remember basic things? Search yourself…Stupid idiot…” Saying this she hung up the call hastily, as poked by the elbow by her colleague who as trying to tell her that she is speaking too loud. She just murmured and cursed him (angrily yet in a lovely way).

This is nothing new. Last time when she went to her mother’s home, none of the day felt as if she was away from him. Where is the damn macaroni packet, have you paid the grocery vendor, how many clothes was laundry guy to return, I burnt the milk today, etc…etc… All big and small stuff.

But she knew all this. He does devises ways to talk to her, feel her in some way or the other. Things may be petty or be with huge gravity, he always try to be near to her. It seems like a nagging kid from a distant place but the perspective with which he sees it; it is that he wants her to be the maximum part of his life and he want to in her every moment. Is that too much to ask for O God…? He gets bit jealous of the world and at a time possessive also for her. But this all fondness, this all possessiveness, this all stupidity , are all of level of a child and but are filled with his innocent love and affection for her. And the truth is she knows this and likes this.

In evening when she returned from the office. She noticed some multicolored lighting from the bottom of the door. She knocked the door but to the surprise the door was open. She stepped in slowly and there he was. Standing beside the table with a big heart shaped balloon with Sorry written on it. The whole room was decorated with flowers and romantic lightings.

She looked at his stupid smile and said, “ Tum nahi sudhroge…”  Moving on her toes just like a cat walking on the silent paws,  she came towards him with a stern look on her face. With a blazing speed she pranced and pricked the balloon he was holding and started laughing at him. Her anger was vaporized.  But his face went red that he had prepared so much to seek her forgiveness and she just in a second threw the ice bucket on him.

Typical Venus. She pulled him towards him and hugged him tightly and uttered, “You are one stupid kid”. Entangled in each other’s arms, they got lost in the infinite hug.



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