Letter to a workaholic Cat

“Hey Warrior, I just wanted to acknowledge you that you are working very hard these days. I see the zeal in your eyes burning red hot like never before. I want to tell you that I know that you are hell bound to write your life story. I know you are on a mission to … Continue reading Letter to a workaholic Cat


A Cat’s surprise: Second to none

Tarun gets sometimes cranky when he does not get the attention from Radhika the way he wants. And this is not the point that Radhika does not have Tarun her first priority but sometimes she has to manage her job related commitments, her friends and her parents. Tarun very well understands this but the child … Continue reading A Cat’s surprise: Second to none

Angry Cat

“Come on Ludo…Fetch it… Come on baby…”, Tarun screamingly threw the ball towards little Ludo to fetch it for him. He actually was training him to do some fun stuff.  To teach a dog is a cumbersome process, they learn but they get carried away during the learning process getting too much friendly and as … Continue reading Angry Cat