The Proposal

It rained last night very heavy. It’s one of those fresh mornings of the rainy season where you have cloud covering the sky with cool breeze blowing and a cup of tea in your balcony, bliss. So he decided to take the advantage of this wonderful combination of weather, tea and head full of thoughts to pen down a mesmerizing day.

It goes four years back when on a one fine Monday morning he got a call from an unknown person. “Is this Tarun…???”, the gasping voice inquired. “Yeah… it’s me. Sorry I couldn’t get, who is this?” a natural response from him. The lady on the other side responded while catching up her breath, “ Tarun, I need you to be calm while I tell you something”. “Okay”, as he said.  He got some intuition that these types of conversations do not end up in good news generally. She continued further,” I’m a colleague of Radhika. I’m sorry to be the bearer of the bad news but I drew the shortest stick. While giving the presentation to the clients she just dropped on the floor. Unconscious. And in the hustle we did not understand anything; hence we have just brought the city hospital. Can you pl come to the emergency ward at the City hospital.”

“You are kidding right? It’s not possible? How is she now? I’m right on my way.” Don’t know what to say or how to react he felt as if he has been quenched in the cold water feeling powerless to even stand on his feet. Finding hard to control he grabbed the car keys and rushed to the hospital.

Honking horn and yelling at the wriggling city traffic, he somehow dropped at the city hospital’s emergency ward. Passing the rush of other patients’ well-wishers, knocking the doors he finally came out of the emergency ward’s room where he spotted her “rarely met” colleagues. “Where is she?” What did the doctors say?”, he inquired impatiently. She said doctor is still inside. He rushed into the room without even listening to her further. As he entered the room the scenario shattered him.

There she was lying unconscious on the bed with those nasty little pricks on her arms and the doctor and nurse chatting beside her and giving a grave look on the medical reports he guessed. He walked with heavy steps on seeing her in this position. He could see her innocent face yet full of emotions telling him the tales of all this “dropping off” thing happened, even in that situation.

Who are you? Doctor asked.”I’m  Tarun. “I’m her friend”, said he while looking towards her with tears at brim. What has happened to her? Why did she fall? Is everything fine? What are the reports saying?” he rapid fired questions up in his emotions at doctor. “Calm down gentleman, we are not sure of but we are trying to figure out . We have deployed drip and carbogen and will be keeping her under observation till she regains her consciousness till then news on health is not good.” uttered the doctor with “not promising words.

He, with heavy and uncontrolled heart beats thumped beside her took her pale hand in his hands. Looking the needle of drip pierced the tears in his eyes tipped off on her hand. Her colleagues moved in the room too to get to know her know how.

“Pl don’t do this to me Radhika. Just don’t Radhika. Open your eyes please. I can’t imagine my life without you. Look how far we have come to our goals. It feels as if something is pulling my heart damn it. Speak to me. Why don’t you all tell her to wake up…?”, he suddenly went screaming in despair looking towards her colleagues. They stepped back in a shiver.

He was all a sobbing mess. ”I’m sorry and I want to confess. It’s me who finish your all ice creams on my late night robberies in our refrigerator and you I manipulate that you yourself might have eaten them and now blaming on me. It’s me who keeps the coffee can on the topmost shelf just to see you hopping to reach for it and when you can’t reach I love to run for helping you out with it. I know I’m a lazy bean bag who just makes excuses whenever you plan to go out for shopping for getting the things for the home. But I love when you order me,” Tarun…! Put on the clothes we are rolling out in ten and I’m gonna drive”.  But the “I’m gonna drive” part, I seriously get scared of.”, he sniffs with a smile with tears overflowing his eyes. I’m sorry for all these years when some way or the other I have ended up around the period when we had each other’s birthdays. I know you have always wanted to be the one to make my birthday special just like last time you bought a guitar for me but I snapped on some stupid prank. I want to tell you I want to play that guitar for you. Just open your eyes please.”

Everyone watched his meltdown but could not do anything. “I will start eating the damn capsicum and won’t fool you out by secretly throwing them away from the finger licking chilly paneer you cook. I’m gonna not mess up while watching India taking on their crucial cricket knocks.I promise. I’m gonna stop being nerd and drama queen. I’ll not roam in home singing in my ugly voice every now then. I…I will…” he was getting choked in his fears. “Pl wake up…for one chance to me. You made the promise to never to leave me as one of your millions of promises. I promise I’ll relieve you of all the activities from the bets I have won by cheating”.

“I know you have been fighting a guerrilla war since all these years to convince every day your family for our reunion. You keep me away from all the bad things you face and show me up your “OKAY” side while you have been facing the wrath. I want to tell you that I have always felt you in some pain and this for the reason I have always tried to act stupid just to make you forget all the hardships you face for us. I respect and adore you for all you are doing for our relation, being pragmatic. Our dreams. Our home.”, he cried, “Promise me you will be fine”

“Only if you move your damn ass off my drip tube”, to his surprise lifting his head on her meek and weak voice. And there she was looking out of her half closed eyes.” And look such a mess when you cry and yes, you are one hell of a drama queen”. “Even in this condition you do not hesitate in outwitting me with your sarcasm. I hate you. I hate you. I love you.” he hugged her tightly with emotions exploding but this time taking care of the drip tube.

With her drip pricked hand carefully in his hand knelt down on his knees. “Ms.Radhika, I want to be your teddy bear when times you are feeling high on cuddlemeter. I want to be your ice-cream when you are down with emotions. I want to be your pillow which you want to step upon while sleeping. I want to be your punching bag when you are pissed off. I want to be your recliner when you are tired. I want to be your little birdie. If you are not getting where I’m going with speaking all this stuff, I am gonna ask each and every day of my life this question to you every time you wake up in morning.” , he tried to catch his final words. “ Ms.Radhika, will you marry me…?

“You could not find a better moment to ask this question, Sissy”, she nodded in yes to him. “And by the way”, she continued. “ I did not tell you that I fell down in the office today because I haven’t eaten anything since more than thirty hours, say. You know me how nervous and focused I become on things I want to achieve. Be it you or be it work.” He looked with the sneaky eyes towards her colleagues and gave them a “I am watching you” gesture. But all’s well that ends well.

“Tarun, where are you”, she came looking to him in the room. “And here you are? Come on. We have to go for Harsh’s admission in the play school. We are getting late.” she hastily turned out of the door, which is where he held up her hand from behind. Sitting on knees and asking his promised question,” Mrs. Radhika. Will you marry me?”




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