The Three Questions…!!!

“Will you keep our daughter happy?”, came the first ball of the final knock of the match. He leaned forward to pick the glass of water and gulped it in a single sip. “Er…Ahem…”, he cleared his throat. “ I understand your concern and worries being parents of a daughter. As Radhika would have told you about my family and family members then you must be knowing that apart from me, my parents have a daughter too. She is married past two years now. I have seen what the worries and how skeptical parents of a daughter are whether their kids opt for an arranged marriage or a love marriage.”, he started to respond to her parents.

“I have not come here to explain myself or ourselves to you. You…”, he joined  his hands towards her parents. “You are the best the judge for all the things that your daughter deserves. In her childhood you have fulfilled all her wishes from buying a new doll or going for a ride in car or getting her to the best pizza in the town or driving her to the school and lots and lots of things. Even when she would have asked you to bring a some special kind of pencil that she has seen in school with her classmate, though initially you would have tried to persuade her to leave the nagging but the next day you yourself  would have a purchased the same pencil before her arrival from school. The smile on her face, the joy in her dance you cannot forget and cannot describe in words.”

Maa.” , he turned towards her mother. “You have given the best care and love to your daughter. You have spent countless, restless and sleep deprived nights just to ensure that she is having a good night’s sleep. Every cry in the middle of the night by her, you both have ran each and every corner of the house and left no table unturned  to make sure that she is all right. You have seen her in the agony of the vaccination kids are given. You have always told her that “It will be okay beta. It’s just a little vaccine to keep you fit and fine.”, whereas inside you too used to feel restless on seeing you little girl getting pricked.”

“We have rarely met to each other  but I have always felt your upbringing and values in Radhika. In fact, when I saw you today I saw your image in her Maa. The care, the maturity, the tenderness, the motherly nature she possess in her behavior, it is all you. Whereas she is brimmed up with your practicality. “said he looking towards her father.

Her parents looked at each other but were having a blank expression. “Frankly, Radhika has not told any of this to me”, he tried to explain. “All this is that I felt the moment I touched your feet today. Parents are parents wherever they are.  When Radhika told me that you want to meet me. I felt nervous. How shall I look in front of you?  How will I face your questions? Whether I’ll be able to convince you to accept for our matrimonial alliance? And hell lot of other questions. But the way you have communicated your care and thoughts, seriously I did not feel this much comfortable in my life among the people whom I’m meeting for the first time.” he said.

“I’m just like you uncle, the beginning of making my name and mark in the society is the story that we have slight resemblance. So I know what a responsibility means. And asking a father, his daughter’s hand and taking care of her in no matter what happens, is the biggest promise that anyone can make because it takes an immense courage for one to take care of his prized possession, his daughter and it is that courage only that I’m standing in front of you and seeking your daughter’s hand” he leaned forward and kneeled down in front of her parents. Radhika as looking behind the curtain and murmuring, “Grr…Dramaqueen. Stop being so filmy”. But she knew in her heart that he is real Tarun which her parents are seeing right now. The Tarun she loves.

He continued on his knees, “ I’m here to ask your daughter’s hand for myself and my whole family on behalf myself and my family. I’m here to seek your permission for a marriage of our families. I know that making decisions for your daughter on the small things is one thing and making decision on marriage of her choice is another thing. Both incomparable. But I do not want to take away that right from you. I don’t want to deprive two great souls from making the decision of the future of their daughter. All I can do is make you promise that no matter what comes, I’ll always walk beside your little princess. I’ll never let her fall. NEVER. Your princess will always be my queen. I know that it will take some time for me to take care of your daughter equal to the one you do (though you being her parents I can never match that level),  but I promise I’ll learn the same from you and will never either her or you let down. “

He kept their hands in his hands, looked tenderly towards them,” Accept me as your son because whatever is the take away of this meeting, one thing I’m sure of that I’ll be having my another set of parents in this part of the world and I promise I’ll make my new parents proud too. ”

Her parents looked at each other and smiled a bit with a nod to each other. Tarun  could see some water sparkling in them. Her father lifted Tarun from his shoulders and said,” I never had any questions to ask you. I just wanted to hear how much you love my daughter to keep her happy and safe. But one thing I did not like what you said.” He said with a little stern face. Tarun, Radhika and her mother all got bit surprised  that is there any problem for her father to accept this alliance.

“It’s unfair that you are calling Radhika’s mother, Maa and me ‘Uncle’.”, he broke the suspense with a laughter. Everybody in the room had the sigh of relief. “Sorry Paa.” Tarun candidly smiled.  He hugged both of her parents and said,” Thank you Maa and Paa, showing confidence me”. Her father called out Radhika and there were all of them hugging each other marking the beginning of the new chapter in their lives.

All day talking on various things regarding future plans and having a wonderful dinner, Tarun bid good bye to his new family. Radhika came to see off him at gate. “See.You were worrying unnecessarily. I had and I have faith in our love. This is the triumph of our love.We just got our responsibilities on a new level now.”, he smiled in relief looking towards her innocent face. With no fear now of being seen by anyone, she too  hugged him tightly in her giant panda hug ,” I love  you” she kissed him on his cheeks. “Love you too Mrs.Tarun”, he kissed her on forehead and went away saying”See you soon.”

—Destiny vs Serendipity


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