If you haven’t loved a cat, you haven’t loved at all…♥

Tarun could go all along  with the traits for the cats that he had learnt all the condiments of the behavior and persona of a cat practically. Basically Fridays are early to go home days for him and its obvious, the beloved weekend was around the corner. But he was late today. He rang the door-bell with his left over energy of the day. From past ten minutes he was standing and waiting for Radhika to open the door. He actually informed her half an hour ago that he is on the way and will be home soon.

The door was still locked. The door-bell was just buzzing and buzzing. “Come on Radhika. Open the door.”, he grunted in despair. After five minutes of waiting in he heard footsteps of Radhika coming to open the door. Dressed up in her favorite pajamas, with unruly curly hairs and a big yawn, she opened the door. “What is this Radhika…??? I have been ringing the door-bell past ten minutes”, he complained.  “Is it?”, she asked him but with a less seemingly interested way,” I was watching the new season of HIMYM” and walked away in the bedroom with a big yawn. “What…!!!. I have been buzzing the damn bell from past ten minutes and she carried on with her season”, he murmured in his head with huge amount of irritation. Grrr…

“What about the dinner?,” he inquired after the shower. “ Will take another hour, I’m just about to finish the season finale”, she responded from bedroom. He went thumping to his room without uttering a word. He actually got irritated. There he was sitting in the other room with Fluffy in front of him. Fluffy was his emotional dumping ground to the things which he used to feel to talk when irritated or angry. “A season finale….!!! It had been a long hectic day at work instead of asking me my day she is watching the stupid sitcom. See Fluffy I’m going to speak to her today that this kind of attitude is not going to work Radhika. I’m your husband. Give me some value.”, he got his irritation pumped up in his voice. Suddenly Radhika entered in the room with a cup of coffee.” Here. Have it till the time season is done”, she said with a stern voice and went to the bedroom to carry on with her season. For those two minutes Tarun was struck with fear. Turning towards Fluffy,”Did she hear what I said?”. “No”, his occasionally courageous conscience answered. Catching his irritation once again,” I’m not afraid of her. Do you think I’m afraid of her Fluffy? What does she think of herself? I’m her husband she will have to listen to me just like I listen to her. Marriage is like a bicycle where both tires have to work in co-ordination. I’m going to tell her right now”, he kept the coffee aside and jumped of the recliner.

The brave little soldier marched to the bedroom for having a dominating conversation with the general of the opposite army. “Radhika”, he started on high note. She turned towards him with a cold stare,” What is it?”, “Nothing big”, the brave soldiers melted like an ice and started stammering on looking the stare and hearing the firm voice. “I was actually asking that you finish your season we will eat dinner later. Anyways tomorrow is holiday. A late dinner is not a bad idea”, saying he slowly tip toed out of the room and came back to another room. ”Don’t you dare to laugh” he pointed finger to poor Fluffy with anger.

Somehow they finished dinner around 11’o clock.  Exhausted by the long day, he came to the bedroom laid down on the bed as usual on the right side with his hand over his eyes just like a symbolic gazing. There she crawled under the blanket pulling his hand and placing her head on it, “as my pillow” in her cattitude. A term he used to define her attitude. “I’m so tired.Stupid season.Tell me a bedtime story”, she demanded and started looking towards him with big starry eyes. He sighed, cuddled her and started, “Once upon a time there was a little princess…”. “Not this one.Another one.”, she snapped in middle. “Ok”, he said and again started,”Big snuggles was a giant panda…”.”No, not this one”, she again snapped. “Fine”,he said and again started, “Little Timmi was flying a kite one day when he saw…” “No not this one. Tell me some nice story. The one with lots of fun…”,she again interrupted while keeping her leg over his legs and putting her hand around his chest. “Ok then. I have a story of a notorious pirate,”he began to narrate. “Yeahhh…The pirate with a gun story”, she yelled in excitement. And the story continued. It had been hardly ten minutes  the story started, when he heard the snoring. He lifted his upper body slightly to check on her and there she was sleeping like a carefree baby and he guessed she slept within the first five minutes of the story. His head thumped on the pillow and he bursted in silent laugh,”Offfo”.He kissed her hand and slept with putting her tightly in her arms.

Next morning Radhika woke him up with an excitement. “I’ll make pineapple pan cake today for breakfast. I’ll be an executive chef for you today”, she bowed like an artist on the stage. He was still twitching his eyes and smiled with a snuff, “Dhaadoo”, while grabbing the cup of coffee from her hands. Meanwhile she was in her arena, the kitchen, he drew his laptop from the bedside table and started to write a micro blog.

“Another adventurous day to start with my Dhaadoo. She irritates me with her “taken for granted” attitude. She drowns me in the honey of love when makes up. She ignores me completely when I’m stuck with not so important stuff “as per her point of view”. She makes me laugh with her stupid acts. She bullies me whenever she wants. She teases me to limits to pull my hair (sometimes literally;)) in front of world with her pranks. She barge in and need me to treat her puny stuff on top priority than mine. She keeps on watching her seasons while I nag in front of her, then occasionally she gives a false “So how does it matter or Do you want me to pretend concerned” look.She randomly comes and sits in front of me playing games on mobile with loud sound and if I ask to lower down the volume she ignores me as if saying “Not my problem”. I say (believe too) that if you have never loved a cat, you have never loved at all.She is my cat (and of course I’m her poorly rich human…;).What belongs to a cat, belongs forever to the cat. So am I…:) Nothing and no feeling can be so overwhelming than to be a cat’s beloved lover… :)”.

#Fluffy.Cute.Adorable.Determined.Playful.Moody.Notorious. Serious.Funny.Curious.Adventurous.Funny.Silly.Goofy.Smart.Intelligent.Affectionate. Possessive.Sleepy.



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