Cat and Care… :0

“I’m leaving for the office”, said Tarun running out of the door. It was past 8 in the morning. The late night office work dozed him off the alarm. “I’m gonna get killed today” thinking he rushed into the lift. “Tarun wait… Tarun…”, there came Radhika running towards the lift,”Atleast have this toast and milk for the breakfast. Anyway you have got late. So better take it easy.” said she. “Not a chance. Will eat in office.”, he interrupted her further before the lift door was closed. “O Tarun…”, she got bit guilt driven. Her caring wife mode started to repent in her thoughts. “Tarun left for the office hungry. It’s all because of me. I should have woke up early and asked him to get up on time. But he needed some rest. He was up so late last night. Don’t know what he will get in the office for breakfast.” she was pondering while gazing out of the large French windows while sipping her coffee. “And that stupid will involve so much in work that he will not even go for eating something. I know him. He just ran away to office with a false consolation to me that he will eat something in office as if I do not know.”, little anger shadowed her concern.

It was past 2 o’clock in afternoon. Tarun was encircled in the meeting with his colleagues when the office came to his cubicle and told him that someone is waiting for him at the reception. Tarun was bit skeptical. “ Who could it be? He had no appointment with any one for the day due to the existing project deadline”, he wondered. Anyways he asked the office boy to proceed and tell the lady that he will be there in another five minutes. Wrapping up and taking the excuse of the colleagues he hurried to the reception. He entered to the reception. While entering to the reception from the office he asked gesture to the receptionist. The receptionist nodded in the direction where the lady was sitting.

Tarun came from the back. This dress seems familiar. Hairs too are familiar. He approached to the lady from back.” Sorry to be late”, he started to speak when he was bombarded with many kilo megatons of nuclear bomd. “Radhika…!!!”, she screamed in shock. “What…what are you doing here? I mean you can but what happened…???”, he inquired. ”This happened…”, she pointed towards the tiffin she has brought with her. “Oh my God”, he stood there surprised, “That’s awesome…!!!” exclaiming in excitement. “ Is this all for me…???”, questioned the usual Tarun. “No. It’s for the receptionist.” she replied sarcastically. “I knew you will not eat anything in office, so I thought to be your food delivery boy”, she said candidly, “And I guess you have not eaten anything till now. Right…??? “. Tarun with a stupid face started  smiling looking towards the feet. “ Stupid”, she grinded her teeth.

“You will now finish this lunch in front of me. You don’t take care of your health”, he scolded him in low voice. “Sorry Radhika. Ok come lets go to the pantry. We will finish it there.”, he called her to follow him. This was not a date or a fancy restaurant dinner or lunch but this simple and caring lunch was much better than anyone one of them. Evening when Tarun returned home he brought an orchid bouquet for Radhika. “What’s this for…?”, she asked gladly with astonishment. “Just I thought I shall compliment you. You made me feel the most special and luckiest person of the world for all the care you have for me”. “Really…!!! As if I didn’t know this.”, she chuckled in a cute little wicked manner and hugged him.

This is what sometimes cat does. Shows care that you would be buried deep under the love and affection…:)



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