Angry Cat

“Come on Ludo…Fetch it… Come on baby…”, Tarun screamingly threw the ball towards little Ludo to fetch it for him. He actually was training him to do some fun stuff.  To teach a dog is a cumbersome process, they learn but they get carried away during the learning process getting too much friendly and as I said earlier go off the track. Cats are opposite to this. First of all they are hard to train. You are going to bang your head on wall if you want to teach because first of all they will look at it in a so uninteresting manner when you will try to teach them something and second they won’t give a dime for all your effort. And finally you think it is better to give up suddenly out of no where they will surprise you with showcasing the talent for the trick you wanted but they just did not wanted to do on your command. They want to do that particular trick on their will.

Tarun had learnt this. Stupid Ludo was more focused on demanding to be caressed than being learning on the fetching the ball. Once again Tarun threw the ball but damn his luck the ball bounced off the wall and tossed behind his back. “CRRASSSHHH…”came the loud sound of something falling on the floor. With sound it seemed to be some glass kind of stuff. Tarun feared with some kind of intuition. He understood what it was. He turned and saw behind him. There was lying the carcass of ‘The Vase’. Chill ran through his spine.”This is Radhika’s favorite artifact. What to do now? She might have heard the breaking noise. It’s gonna be a world war today”, his thoughts were erratic in fear. But still Radhika was not in the room and he assumed that she might have not heard the noise. He tip toed to the almirah and took out the polybag and started collecting the pieces of broken vase. Stupid Ludo was now playing with the vase pieces and which Tarun was trying to pull it out of his jaws. “Stupid dog. Now you are playing with this.”, he scolded Ludo. Ludo immediately ran away to other room. Silently lifting the broken vase in the poly bag he gently dropped it off in the garbage bin in the washing area.

As he turned around. Oh My My…Radhika was standing behind him along with Ludo barking at him. “What did you just dumped…???”, she inquired. In a stammering voice he answered,”Nothing. Some old documents”. She smelled something fishy. Typical cat. “Show me”, she asked him. With trembling hands he lifted the polybag from the trash can and opened it. “Radhika. I’ m sorry. All happened due to this Ludo while teaching him”, he started babbling like a parrot.

Radhika’s eyes went wider and wider on the seeing the fragmented vase. It was her favorite. It was only week ago when she brought during her last shopping spree. He could see the demon rising in her eyes and getting red and red every passing moment. She gave the burning stare to him and walked away in one of the special room and locked her from inside. “Please Radhika I’m sorry. It was unintentional. I’m ready to take any punishment.”, he begged while slamming the door. In that special room there was a corner, Radhika’s corner. Whenever she was very angry, sad, brooding, she used to go and sit in that corner. Tarun knew if she is sitting in that corner, God save the earth.

Every now and then he was knocking the door convincing her to get her favorite things, her favorite ice cream and but all efforts in vain. Angry Radhika was more than a devil. “Ok…Fine. Do whatever suits you.”, he too angrily said to her and went out of home. “Come on Yaar. It’s ridiculous.. It’s just a mistake” Why so much anger…”, he banged the horn while driving.

Day passed, it was twilight when he returned home. She was still inside the locked room. The lunch he had made was still lying as it is. He once again knocked the door, “Open up Radhika. Your anger is with me then why not to eat food? I have brought your favorite ice cream. I have downloaded the latest season of HIMYM. Come on we will watch it together while eating the savory ice cream. Come on”, he put his last efforts.

He started the episode of HIMYM in loud sound. After few minutes he heard the door knob opening with the entry of the dried tears sobbing mess with entangled curly hairs but with a little melted down anger. She came silently and sat beside him. Snatched the tub of ice cream from his hands and started eating it while watching HIMYM. “I’m sorry.”, he once again tried to pacify. But she was quiet and was concentrating on the episode giving no importance to what he was saying. He stood up firmly and shut off the television and sat in front of her. She now focused on eating ice cream just like a uninterested cat licking her feet. He slipped out a box to her. “Here. Open it.”, he insisted her. She silently placed the ice cream tub beside and grabbed the box from his hands and indifferently unwrapped it. It was ‘The Vase’. Tarun has brought her another piece of artifact. She kept it aside as if she was not interested, stood up and silently went to the bed and slept. He joined his hand looked up to God and too went sleep.

Next morning he woke up with the coffee lying at his bedside. He came to the living room with the newspaper in his hand and eyes glued to it. He sat beside the sofa where he noticed surprisingly ‘The Vase’ in its full glory with flowers from their balcony. He smiled and went to the kitchen where she was cooking breakfast. He hugged her from behind and whispered in her ears, “Sorry”. “It’s OK” she politely replied. “Go and freshen up. Breakfast is almost ready”. Little Ludo was chewing his toy beside her. Tarun said never to train fetching to Ludo.

So beware from the cat’s stare and never ever make them angry else get ready to feel sorry for the day you were born.



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