Being ignored by a cat…

“Woof…Woof” the little canine came running towards him barking in the meek voice as he entered the home. Tarun and Radhika had adopted a cute little pug last week. She had been in love with this breed since long time and was longing to adopt one. So Tarun thought of getting one new member in the family. The pug.

He left the office early to the pet shop. He asked for the few weeks old tiny and barely fluffy cute little baby pug. He asked the shopkeeper to for a basked to carry the little fellow. He reached home hid the basket from Radhika. So while both of were having the evening tea gazing the down going sun when the room was lit by the little “woof” of the puppy. She turned towards Tarun and asked,” Did you hear that…???”. “What…?”, he asked looking innocent. “I heard the bark of a dog I guess.”, she stood from the chair and went looking for the dog.

She followed the bark and saw that in a basket near the door something was wriggling beneath loin cloth. She lifted the cloth and there was this little puppy looking towards her with big eyes and barking in his squeaky voice. She fell on her knees on this “Aww” moment and gently lifted the puppy on her lap. She was caressing this little puppy gently with her hands and pampering the cute little beauty. “Tarun” you idiot. You hid this doggy from me but anyways thank you. I’m happy you remembered”, she said coming towards him with the little pup in her arms. “Actually I found this pup on the road. He was crying for his mum. I asked him and he described me your face.  So I brought him up.” said Tarun in the flirting tone. “Ho gaya…!!!” , she said rolling her eyes.

“Come on baby. Seems you have not eaten since long time. Time for some munching and milk.”, she went to the kitchen along with the new entrant in the family. She placed him in his basket brought him some milk in the bowl. He hungry canine attacked the milk and started gulping like he has been thirsty for ageing. She adored him while he was busy in filling up his tummy. She was talking to little one, “We will call you Ludo. Nice name right…???”, she said to him while caressing his head. “We will get you a new toy to play with. A new cushion for you to rest you bums on.”, on and on she was talking to him. Meanwhile the pup finished his milk and again started looking at her with big puss eyes. “You want more…???. Awww here it is…”, she poured some more milk in his bowl. The greedy pup gulped that also. Now his tummy had swollen with the over stock milk to such extent that the little pup could not even stand on his feet and he started falling here and there in his basket. “Don’t get yourself sick stupid dog.”, she said and crackled in laughter on his “drunk” walk. Anyway he fell asleep.

Finishing the dinner and the usual house stuff Radhika took Ludo in his basket to the bedroom. The pup was still asleep. “Here you are. You will be under my supervision.’, she said like a government official to the pup. It was past 1 o’clock in the night when her sleep broke due to the barking of Ludo. She immediately woke up and saw Ludo looking towards their bed and barking. She lit the light and picked the pup from his basket. “What happened little Ludo…?”, she asked him in pampering voice. “Wanna sleep beside Mumma…??? Ok then come here.?”

“Tarun…Tarun…?”, he shrugged Tarun’s shoulder. “What….??? What happened…???”, he jumped instantly out of the bed. “Ludo is feeling scary so he is not able to sleep. I will lay down an old cloth and he will now sleep on it, between us on the bed. In fact he sleeping between us will be bit risky and your hands and legs move too much in sleep. So the point is can you go and sleep on the couch.” she told him the solution for sleep deprived Ludo. “He is just a dog he will sleep on his own.”, he replied in a nagging voice in half asleep mode. “No. He is a small pup. No. you go…” , she asked him on an assertive note. He grabbed the pillow with anger and went in the living room to sleep on the couch. He was getting jealous of the pup and thinking to himself, “This is the first day. This stupid pup has marked my bedroom as his territory.”. He punched the pillow with anger and tried to get some sleep.

From that first day onwards Ludo became the first priority for Radhika and has sabotaged his exclusiveness. Sometimes Tarun felt happy on seeing her happiness with Ludo. But most of the time Ludo was preferred before Tarun. For example. Ludo was the first to be in the morning to get the Good Morning cuddle before Tarun. Ludo’s breakfast, lunch and dinner were the first priority to Radhika and if she is busy with Ludo in playing, Tarun used to become invisible to her. Sometimes Tarun would sit on the couch and stare the little dog with jealousy thinking if it were possible that I had a wand I would have swooshed you in air. Somehow the dog used to ruin their moments knowingly he felt. But Tarun too loved Ludo but somewhere Radhika was too aware of this bitter sweet relation between Tarun and Ludo.

So this was the first time Tarun was seeing friendship between a canine and feline species. He felt left out at times because of the kind of ignorance he was facing because of Ludo. Cats ignore their owners when they are playing with their toys. Sometimes owners themselves are their toys but the point is this is what their nature is. So it wise sail along the wind than oppose it. He then finally joined the gang Ludo with Radhika. Tarun understands what it feels being proud and content, as a cat owner. A new trait of Radhika he learnt on the journey of life.



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