The Shopping Machine

“Tarun… Hurry up…”, there came she barging in the room. “Here you are. Still not ready.”, she rolled her eyes. “Come on. We need to do a lot of shopping today.”, she said while pushing him on his shoulders . “Get up you lazy bum. Come on…Come on…Come on…”, she started tickling him.

“Stop it Radhika…Don’t”, he begged her to stop tickling.  “No. I won’t stop until you get up.”, said she on her unstoppable spree. “Ok…Ok…fine. I’m getting up.”, he laid down his weapons in front of the tickling machine. “Get ready. We will roll out in 15 minutes. Tops.”, saying she went in the other room to braid her hairs with a “I’m watching you” gesture.

Anyways everything set and ready to roll she picked up the car key from table. “I’ll drive”, she insisted where fear chilled in his spine on these words. Radhika was good driver but she usually gets to lose the control while seeing other people driving recklessly. But the order was the order. “Ok.”, said Tarun. On the way to the shopping mall, Radhika asked Tarun,”Open my purse. There is that little list of the stuff that we need to target for today’s shopping.” Tarun searched her purse for the list and found a small piece of paper in which there were written three items.

  1. Set of curtains for all the rooms
  2. Two new bed sheets
  3. Covers for the sofa

“Only three items…”, he got happy on the inside because less no. of items means less time in shopping for Radhika. She said, “We need to save the money for the future. We cannot have a huge list for shopping. Only some important stuff.” “Wow…Such maturity”, Tarun look outside of the window and smiled with pride. He didn’t have idea that she is “The Radhika”, the shopping machine.

They entered the mall and started hunting the best place to get the best stuff on the list on the reasonable price.They both entered a shop which was looking promising to their requirements. Radhika was looking for the patterns for curtains, pillow covers, sofa covers and literally unearthing the complete shop. “I want the best one’s for our home.” she said in commanding mode to Tarun when he asked her to slow down. “Can you show that curtain pattern?…And that one…and that one…” she pointed to the curtains that were on the display. “How will it look?”, she looked towards him asking. “Nice.”, he said in one word. “But I think this one is light in color. It will get dirty soon often.”, she threw way and asked him again,”What about of the this one?” “These one are also nice…”, he again replied in a plain voice. “Oh come on. You are so poor in shopping…”, she taunted him and said “ I’ll have to deal with all this on my own”.

Tarun went and sat on the chair for the customers and started reading brochures for passing time. Actually he does not hate shopping; he just does not like it. Half an hour passed still not finalization on the curtains and other stuff. Another half an hour passed. Even the brochures ran out of the supply for reading. Finally in next ten minutes Radhika approached towards him, “Finally done. Come on lets go. Main shopping is done. Let’s troll for some time in the mall and attack some food joints”, she pulled him up from the chair. Both of them trolling in the mall along with stuff in the list. “Tarun. We need to have few artifacts in our home in the living area. That shop is having such a good collection. Let’s check out.”, she pulled him to an artifacts shop. “The vase” was the pick. Moving further she screamed while checking out a bag outlet, “That purse is so pretty. I’m having this old ugly one.” , she looked with poor eyes towards her purse. “You want it…?”, Tarun asked her. “This purse will be from my budget”, he played the dice because the sooner the purse will be in her possession the sooner he will relieved from this shopping carnival. Purse done. Now what. Trolling in front of the various shops and picking of this and that stuff, the actual list of three items became and epic of twenty items. Radhika as usual went crazy on each and every sale she saw and her shopping basket grew bigger and bigger. Stuff for him and stuff for her. And seriously some other wordly spirit possess her where she find free stuff. A job of an hour or two ended in the binge shopping finally.

Somewhat they returned home. The shopping story ended. Next day when Tarun woke up he jumped out of the bed in surprise. The old curtains were replaced by the new ones and seriously he liked these new ones. He went to the living area to look for Radhika and to his surprise, the whole living area was rearranged with the new stuff, the sofa covers and of course her new crush “The vase” which was now holding some flowers too which Radhika he guessed might have plucked from their little garden in the balcony. “So what do you say Mr.Tarun…?” she asked him while looking at him from the distant. “I don’t like shopping and you know that but I love it when you go for the shopping because when you return you makeover our home into a paradise every time. “, he confessed. She said in a proud voice,” I know…I know…”

“But what about the purse?”, he asked. “That one is personal” Radhika fled into the kitchen with a giggle. Tarun was standing in the centre of the living room basking in the bliss of having a home maker like Radhika.



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