Laziness: Cat’s birth right

You know what basking means to a cat. It means that let the world go to hell, let the galaxy fall apart or let the oceans dry up. I’m going to be lying in my favorite position wherever I want. I do not give a damn whether you get embarrassed, you don’t like it or you get irritated. I simply don’t care.  This does not stop here. They have another very important demand that you will have to be in same mode along with. What…!!!. You will say I have other works to do but, no, you will have to be just like them and that means  whatever work have to do you will not be doing it. Just stay like them.

Sunday mornings are the lazy ones but afternoons are much much more lazier ones. Sunday itself in the name also means laying low and just relaxing. “Wake up Radhika. It’s 11 o’clock already”. Remember we need to re-arrange the other room”, Tarun shrugged Radhika gently off her shoulders. “Mmmmmm….”, was the outcome, the meek unwilling to get up cry from Radhika. “Come on Radhika it’s too late. Good girls wake up on time”, he cuddled and started to pamper her. “I’m not a good girl.” said she in her sleepy voice. “See if you don’t wake up I’m gonna splash some ice cold water on you.”, Tarun busted an evil laugh.

Just like a cat listening to the name of water itself, Radhika opened her eyes which were telling that she has started getting pissed off. “Here’s my good kitty. Wake up. I’ll brew you some coffee.”, Tarun tried to control the sleepy mess. Meantime Radhika crumbled in the embryo posture for sleeping just in vertical in this case. “Here’s your coffee Radh…”, he came calling her in and what did he just see. Radhika was sleeping in this new vertical embryo posture again.

He kept the coffee mug aside and pampered her, “Come on sweetie. I have got you a hot coffee.” Being irritated to much extent by him she jumped and sat while staring at him with a big yawn.  She grabbed the coffee. “So before we start the makeover of the room I’ll go make breakfast for you. Meanwhile you can freshen up”, kissing on her forehead he went away in the kitchen. Half an hour later he came into the bedroom to check on Radhika. There was she still yawning while sitting on the bed. “You are still here…? What happened…?”, he asked.  She replied with big puss eyes looking towards him,” I’m waiting for you to come and lift me up and drop me to the bathroom. I don’t want to walk today”. And there it was the virus of laziness exponentially rising up. “Ok fine”, Tarun tried to make things quick. He lifted her and dropped her in the bathroom. “Wait…”, she held his hand, ”I don’t feel to put toothpaste on my brush. It takes lots of effort.”, she requested him. “Here it is.”, he handed her the loaded toothbrush to her. “Anything else…?” he asked in in irritation.

Tarun’s gut feeling was right since morning that this is going to be a very lazy and a nagging day. He was prepared. She came up into the kitchen sat on the kitchen slab and started eating the sandwiches from the plate. “Heyy.”, Tarun asked her, “You finished fast. “ “I don’t feel to take bath today”, she said while munching the sandwich. “Ok let’s finish the breakfast. We will then start re-arranging the other room”, he told her the plan.

Tarun quickly finished his breakfast and went into the other room and started re-arranging things. Radhika came with the lazy steps into the room and sat on the sofa started watching him. “Get up from the sofa. We need to shift it in that direction as planned”, he asked her. Radhika got from the sofa and sat on the bean bag. “Radhika give me a helping hand.”, he tried to engage her. “I don’t feel like energy in my limbs today. Sunday sucks my power. I’m theThor without Mjolnir. Spiderman without the web shooter.  Sunday is a kryptonite to your SuperGirl.”, she bombarded him with lame excuses.

That whole afternoon went lazy. Tarun finished the re-arrangement on his own with her only help in the form of handing over the bed sheet to him. Finally both were lying in the bedroom both yawning, both basking. The laziness virus was transferred from Radhika to Tarun. The whole bedroom dumped with pizza boxes, ice cream tubs, wafers and cookie wrappers. The cat finally has tamed her owner itself.



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