My possessive Cat…

“I’ll wait in the car. Come down quickly. We are already late.”, he reminded her while picking the car keys from the dressing table where she was adjusting her ear ring. It was the annual celebration at the company where Tarun was working. Every year to celebrate the company’s success a grand party was thrown by the management in which family members were also invited. This was the first party Radhika was attending along with Tarun. Last year she was at her mother’s home so could attend it. “Just two minutes. You carry on. I’ll join you soon.”, she replied to him while adjusting her dress. “OK. Be quick.”, saying he went away.

“Sorry…Sorry…Let’s go.”, came she running after fifteen minutes. He gave her a little “You are late again” kind of nod. She smiled and tickled him, “Let’s go. You have caused us delay.”, she giggled. Both of them headed to the party destination.

“Hi…Hi…Hi…”, he greeted the acquaintances in the party introducing Radhika to them. She met Tarun’s friends with grace asking well-being of their families who were with them just like as normal people do. “Heyy”, came Shivani, hopping towards them. “Hi…”, Tarun greeted her back. “You are late. You missed the singing performance of the Manager.”, she informed him. “Shivani, this is Radhika. My wife. Radhika. This is Shivani. My colleague”, he introduced both of them. “Hi Shivani. Hi Radhika”, both of them greeted each other. “So what about the plan for Naman’s marriage?, Shivani asked Tarun. “Not planned yet but will make something soon”, Tarun replied candidly. Both of them were giggling and chit chatting. Radhika tried to join the conversation but was not able to catch up. Radhika was feeling bit awkward on Shivani’s presence near Tarun. The cat inside her was getting restless. She was getting restless on seeing another cat roaming around her owner. She was feeling so much to scratch the other cat with her claws but somehow putting restraints on her anger.

“I’m not feeling well. I’ll like to sit for a while. You carry on with your colleagues”, she said in an indifferent way to Tarun. Tarun could smell that something was wrong. Party was finished they both headed back to home. Both of them were silent. Tarun tried to break the silence. “What happened? I know you are not sick. Is something wrong?” She was quiet and was watching outside the window. He pulled off the car on the road side near the river front. “Come one. Let’s have a walk.” , he asked her. She unwillingly stepped out of the car and both went for a troll on the paved river banks. It was cool breeze blowing at that hour of night. Both of them were walking with slow steps under the street lights of the path. “You know what is my most prized achievement till this day? The day when I did not get selected in IIT and you know why? Because if I would have been selected into IIT I would have not joined the company where I met this amazing girl who changed my life completely and in the most beautiful way. And you know who that girl was? It was you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. My imagination falls short to pretend a life without your presence. I don’t want to waste my this life and I don’t know there are other, where I have to live without you. You are beginning of who I’m today and you are my end, my last stop. A circle has no end so do your presence in my life. I don’t have that courage to live without you.I never had, Radhika. No one can and no one will ever take your place. You are not a part of me, you are the heart of me.”, he poured out his heart. He hugged her tightly in the middle of the path, lifted her gloomy face from her chin towards him. “I love you Radhika. I have nothing left in me for the name of love because my every emotion is already promised to you.”, saying this he kissed on her forehead.

“Ice cream…???”, he asked her. She nodded with tears in her eyes. He hugged her tightly. “You are my giant panda. You know that…!!!”, he cuddled her. “I’ll keep my distances from all those things that makes you sad, just never let down your faith in me.”

Whoever it is, living or a non-living thing, if a cat loves you then take the note of the fact that you are their property. They don’t like sharing the things they love. You are bound to face the wrath of a cat in any form. They love you so feel proud that someone is possessive for you. It is not they who cherish your exclusivity; it is you who are blessed to have them in your life. Just remember their presence brings colorful bliss in your grey shaded life.

Tum jo mil gaye ho…

To ye lagta hai…

Ke jahaan… Mil gaya…♥♥♥



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