Letter to a workaholic Cat

“Hey Warrior,

I just wanted to acknowledge you that you are working very hard these days. I see the zeal in your eyes burning red hot like never before. I want to tell you that I know that you are hell bound to write your life story. I know you are on a mission to define your destiny. I know that you deserve much more than that you are getting right now. I just want to say that you will get there someday not immediately, but definitely. Your hunger for perfection and success has ignited many souls for fullfilling them and I am one of them. You fall at times when things do not go right. You cry when you lose a battle. You lose your hopes when you are let down by challenges of life. But failures are part of life and I’m no one to tell a warrior like you. Yes. You are a warrior and I know you don’t need any crash course on success, failures, achievements, etc because who else can be a better fighter than you yourself are.You have been knocked down, dusted in petty office politics and have been humiliated for the most productive ideas whose potential nobody understood. Every time you held your head down when you failed, every time when tears rolled out of your big black eyes and every time when someone doubted on your might and capabilities, you rose to prove them wrong. You rose to prove yourself that you are going to be better than anyone and that anyone includes you too. I am saying all this, not because you are not aware of these things i.e. of your capacity, your strength, your path of river turning will, your immense courage. I am saying all this because I want you to keep the faith in your heart, in your unquenching thirst to be a successful person, be it personally or professionally. A butterfly seems to be beautiful and fragile, yet it can change the course of universe (Chaos Theory). You are butterfly who is right now under the process of metamorphosis and is just about to incarnate in new form. The form which everybody is going to praise and give examples of. It is not that you are my cat so I have to say all this just to please you, it is because you are actually a fighter, a performer, a visionary restless dreamer who deserve much more than which you are getting now. As I said slowly, but definitely you will. I know you are losing your patience due to this long time of efforts but trust me hard work really pays off. Who knows on the next turn you find the success waiting with arms open for you and when you get there, you yourself will say the result of your efforts are better than expected. All I want to say keep on your hardwork but do take care of your health too. You are already taking the pain for the family and your dreams. I feel helpless at times when I see you exhausted at the end of the day. I just wish I had a magic wand to depart your hardships forever. But then I recall myself this is what you are made of. It is your undying mettle that keeps your motor running. You inspire me on tackling the issues of life in the most unprecedented ways when things does not go as per the plan. I wish you to be the source of inspiration not only for your kith and kins, or me, I wish you to be a torch bearer for all those who are disheartened in someway or the other in their lives. I know you know all of this but yeah its just I thought of acknowledging. I can say all this in a form of appreciation card or sending you a bouquet of flowers but I thought some simple things should follow the KISS (Keep it simple and short) rule. Keep this letter with you everytime when you feel low and defeated, it may not solve your problems but yes it will help you rejuvenate your spirits to fight back your demons with much more agility and with a bang. Have a nice day Sweetheart and now go and kick some @$$€$.”

Yours always.

Radhika read the letter and placed it inside her desk. She seemed to be more determined now to handle the presentation to the management. Actually Tarun was feeling restless on Radhika’s workaholic behaviour these days, so obviously he was concerned about her physical, mental and emotional health. When Radhika used to be not convinced, then Tarun had this habit of writing letters to Radhika when he wanted her to know his unbiased opinion regarding anything. So instead of speaking to her this time also he thought of writing a letter to her. Tarun had written this letter in the old school style i.e. on a inland postal card and placed it inside her purse so that she carries it with her wherever she go and in whatever situation she is. She should always get the push which she forgets at times. He was her “Vitamin He“.



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