The Drunk Call…

The story is two years back when Tarun and Radhika were not married. Radhika:”You are immature. You act weird at times and I get pissed off when I’m in middle of something and you keep on nagging either on phone or in person. I don’t know what happens to you at times that sometimes I feel why am in a relationship of this kind where the other person is dependent on me for everything. It is not going to work out Tarun. Life is full of lot of activities where in practicality the rose colored romantic reverie is not going to work. Every time cuddling, pampering or even loving each other won’t work. I don’t and cannot give you the love the way you want it. Tell me. Why are you so obsessed with me? I give you the most of my time wherever possible. Sometimes I’m not in a mood of taking your usual kid stuff in a cuddling manner. I wish you could first atleast see the background before starting your nagging or childish behaviour, whatever it is. Who gives seventeen missed calls…? Tell me one mature person who does that? Isn’t it obvious that the other person is sleeping at 5 in the morning. Still you have been ringing up the phone like an alarm. I also behave childish with you but I know where to stop. Have I ever bugged you in the middle of the night for some petty issues? Have I…? And this is not the first time I’m telling you all this. You promised me that you will show the same level of maturity that you show around the world. But here I’m again repeating all this stuff in front of you. There is no future of this kind of relationship Tarun. Seriously. I love you , adore you, get playful with you but I don’t want to be with a kid who keeps on nagging for petty issues and that too you being a man, you nag and act immaturely like a high school girl. There was nothing between us as of living together and I’m now making it clear their will not be any future for us.”
Tarun: “Don’t say it Radhika…I just want you to be the part of everything…” Radhika picked up her scooty and drove away.
It was 11 past in the night. She was upset so she slept early. “Rinnggg…Rinnggg”, the familiar ringtone woke her from sleep. In the cracking voice she picked up the call and replied, “Hello…”. “I’m sorry Radhika…I’m sorry…”, Tarun in a depressed voice said from the other side. “Its Ok Tarun. Everything will be fine. Just move on.”, she replied uncaringly in her sleepiness. “No…Radhika… Nothing’s gonna be alright. There is nothing right in life without you.”, uttered he from his mixed up words with pain in his voice. Radhika felt something was not good. She got up with her back on the wall and sat thinking is he drunk…???. “I know have done mistakes. I know I behave like a child. I know I nag like a kid. But do I always do that Radhika…? You see me talking very blunt to my associates but do see when I communicate to them in the most polite way. Sometimes the pressure of work make me lose my calmness but I had never lost my control in any conversation with any one. Who developed this quality in me…?…Who…? It’s you Damn it.”, he asked her in gripping voice.
“Tarun, it’s not like that…You are not understanding…”, she tried to convey her thought process to him. “And yes, I do nag at times. I do behave like a child like I said but is that in front of every one? Does the world know that there is child inside me who occasionally wants affection from you without any reason, but just to feel your touch, your presence, your care. Just to bask that I’m the luckiest person on earth because I have you in my life. I love you yaar. Everyone sees that, you see that but you still talk of separating away.”, he bursted in tears.
Tarun was an emotional man. Even sometimes his eyes used to get teary while watching movies also and this situation it was obvious, but to this extent, Radhika never imagined. “Sssshhhh….stop it Tarun…relax…calm down…Ok…Tell me where are you…?”, the Venus inside her tried to pacify the Martian. “It’s Ok Radhika.I’m fine. I’m a man. A man cannot show his tears to his woman. I’m strong.”, the sobbing artillery justified. “You say I should not change myself for you and you want me to live like I used to be. I’m not changing anything Radhika. I’m not changing anything. If I’ll change even a bit of my good qualities that you fell in love for, things will not be the same. I’m not going to change myself for you because I know the Tarun you fell in love with. Trust me I mean that. I’m not a cry baby Radhika. I’ll tell you why I bother you in petty issues and it is not because I want you to solve them but to tell you that see, I can solve issues on my own, so have faith in me that as a mature and capable person I’ll be able to solve the issues of our life together. The way I have lived my life before you came into it I had no reason to lose anything or to walk away from an issue because no one was there to judge my capabilities. Neither I’m saying that you should judge nor you are judging me but I want to tell that yes I’m capable enough for you and your family to take care of things as expected of a husband and a son in law.”
The dripping Martian was bit silent now. She was listening his restlessness, his fears, his love, his urge to be with her. He was somewhere drunk and spilling out everything that was in his heart. A book is never judged by its cover. With mild sobbing he continued, “I don’t want to put my burden on you Radhika. I don’t want to let you feel that I, Tarun is dependent on Radhika. I’m not Radhika. The only thing I’m dependent on you is your love, affection and care. Nothing else. I ask you lots of favors like where to find this stuff, what should be an ideal gift for Maa and Paa, Will these snickers will be Ok or not, and etc..etc…I do all this to involve you in making decisions because your touch is like saffron Radhika. You make the ordinary dish the best savory one. If you say you are busy and Tarun you manage it on your own, I’ll manage. But if you will not respond or communicate it’s natural that I’ll get concerned on your well being. I seriously don’t want to bother you unnecessarily Radhika. But for about one year I have longed for you where I hurt you. Every day was hell and nights nightmare.You used to live more than half of the day with me and see now if we calculate we don’t talk even for a day in a whole month. That’s why I try to talk to you be with you to make up all the lost moments. To give you the love you always deserved. The exclusivity, the importance of you in my life.”
He was getting worse and uncontrollable. Radhika now sternly asked, “Tarun tell me where are you? You are out. I’m coming to take you.” “No I don’t want to go anywhere.”, he interrupted her. “I want to tell you that I’m mature, Radhika. I’m not a cry baby. I don’t want you to feel that I’m not giving you complete attention that’s why in one way or other I find or try to communicate to you. I have my own petty ways of showing you my love and concern for you. Everything comes second to Radhika. You are the priority one for me, rest everything is secondary. Don’t leave me Radhika. I’ll be kicked back to my dull life which I was living before I met you. I love you Radhika. I love you very very much. Don’t leave me.”, his voice completely melted down.
“Where are you Tarun…? I’m asking you seriously or else I’m gonna kick your @$$ the moment I’ll get a hold on you.”, she grunted in anger. Though Tarun was drunk but his sixth sense was well aware of Radhika’s anger.
“At your door.”, he replied in low sobbing tone. She leaped of her bed and ran to the main door. She opened the door where she found him rain wet with a bottle of semi finished booze in his hands. “Come get up. Give it to me”, she supported him from his shoulder trying along with pulling the bottle out of his hand. But he held it very tightly and blatantly ignored to handover it to Radhika. She brought him in, helped him to change his wet clothes and was rubbing his wet head with towel over the couch.
All this time he was asking her not to leave him and other stuff in his drunk mode. She then pulled him to her bedroom and made him lie on her bed and covered him with blanket. She sat beside his head and was gently caressing him while he was mumumering.
“You are a kid Mr.Tarun. A mature kid. Your image is important to me and I’ll do everything to maintain it even though if I have to be harsh on you sometimes. I too love you baby.”, said she kissing on his forehead.
His eyes were teased by the morning rays of the rising sun. He twithced his eyes with his fingers with his head was banging as if he was standing in front of hundreds of honking car horns, due to hangover. She was standing beside him with a cup of his favorite black coffee. “Take it. You’ll feel better”. He grabbed the coffee mug with barely making an eye contact. “It’s Ok. No need to feel embarrassed. I forgive you. Now go to your flat and then to your office.”, she said to him, “But finish the coffee first”.
He finshed his coffee quietly and went to his flat in a straight line just like a cow. What had she decided he was not aware but one thing he was sure not to ask.
Let the cat unfold what’s in her heart whenever she want to.


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