An Autumn Evening…

It was Autumn. The falling leaves of maple were all around. The wind was cool and the sun was setting and the clouds were painting the canvas of sky with every shade of orange. The crowd was busy in their usual activities. Children were playing on the swings. Elders were walking on the jogging path. Middle aged were talking about the cacophony of life. Young one’s were sitting with hands in hands on the seaside of the park. Everyone was busy in their life. Fighting their demons. Some tackling their present, some assessing their past and while some planning for future. She was sitting on a wooden bench on the far side of the park. This was just like Radhika’s Corner back at home, where she used to go and spend sometime in solace.

This corner of the park was seaside facing with the maple trees around it. She, as usual was watching all the math going in the park by placing her head on backrest of the bench with her arms folded. Watching into the void the image was blurry because her thought process and her present life was not matching to give her a proper focal point. She turned around and began to look toward the sea. The setting sun was showing its presence more dominatingly on the environment than regular day time. She was watching the untamed waves, full of aggression hitting the rocks with monstrous force. The rocks bearing the unprecedented thrust each time were resilient to give up to the adversary. Radhika and Tarun had faced multiples of adversaries together starting from the day one they met. But this was some cosmic alignment only, that both of them met and met because somewhere they were meant to be together.

Many a times they lost their control on themselves, misunderstood each other and fell face first on the developments in their relation. But unlike the sand which gets moulded by the waves, they stood against them like a rock. How far life has come up? She never expected that things she imagined unconquerable are now the things she lives happily with. From her parents to herself, she came up too far with Tarun. Every success or failure she was backed by the warmth of her parents and Tarun’s love. Tarun’s love was warm and silent but no matter was happening he was with her. Always smiling for her sake and telling her that ‘Don’t worry. I’m there. Go on.’; and her parents were her foundation of heritage mingled with blended values and compassion.

She sniffed with a hushing smile with a thought in her mind. “You will not be happy with me”, she once told Tarun long before they got married. Typical Tarun. Always optimistic. “So what? I don’t want to find happiness with you. I want to find happiness in you. And that I’m already having. So don’t worry for it now or ever again that whether I’ll be happy with you now or ever.”, he said to her while holding her hand. And true he was. It has been two years since they got married and her misconceptions have kneeled down in front of their love. She did this all because of Tarun’s faith in her. She is strong but a princess does not want a knight, she just wants a sword to be by her side to fight her battle.

“I could not get the flavour you like but the vendor told me that this one is new and getting thumbs up from people”, Tarun broke her stargazing by hugging her from behind the bench while holding the blueberry strawberry fusion ice cream for her. As if she woke from the dream. “Ok.”, she said while coming out of the brooding mode. “What happened…”, he asked her while sitting beside to her. “Nothing. Aiwe hi…” she said while softly grabbing the ice cream from his hand.

“Come on. Lets go”, she saw her mother was calling from the joggers path along with her father and Tarun’s parents. “Coming Maa”, Tarun responded candidly. “Come we will eat ice-cream while walking”, he gave her hand to pull her up. She slid her hand into his hands and gave him a tight and warm hug the moment she got off the bench. “What’s this for…???”, Tarun giggled. “Mann kiya…”, she replied softly. Tarun patted her head and rubbed her back in compassion while hugging her.

PS: Tarun had planned this family getaway long before Radhika and he were married. This getaway was his little effort to express his love for Radhika and both of their parents.



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