The little ones…

From all elder brothers and sisters:

Nothing comes first to the love of our siblings.

They are our true partners. They know us more than anyone. They are our secret vaults. Our first critique. They are our first teasers. They look upon us as their source of inspiration and determination. They tell lies to our parents when we come late home from a party and later blackmail us in return of something. They look upon us to advocate when parents do not agree to their demands. They eat their piece of pie quickly so that you cannot have it and after finishing their share they ask for yours too. Sometimes when they find if our secret is not of great importance they go running towards the parents and drop the shell on them. When they find us sad or in bad mood, they automatically get us a cup of our favourite white pasta and slide it towards us while telling some funny stuff and in that process they make us spill over our heart. They give us the unbiased, true to the heart opinion whenever we are stuck in dilemma. When we look back on all these gestures of them we find that they are not that much younger that we were expecting. So raise your hands for them as we are second set of parent for them after the obvious ones. We will be there for them forever for protecting them, nurturing them, guiding them to follow their heart and of course letting them do what they want. They are the ones who have forged our nature, our being. Their love is incomparable to any other kind. Every other thing, every other day, every other event is second for us when it’s their moment.

To all the younger siblings…



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