Disco Deewane…💃🕺

“Gosh… It’s so much fun…”, he came tripping to the bartender. “One Rocket Fuel Please.”, he asked bartender. “Sure sir…”, the bartender smiled and started to prepare the drink. Meanwhile Tarun shrugged his shoulders and made himself comfortable on the bar chair. He turned towards the discotheque and started swinging his neck in the hysteria of dance and fun atmosphere. “Your drink sir…”, the bartender tendered Tarun’s drink to him. “Thanks Bro…:)”, he picked the drink and started sipping it while getting lost in the feet tapping, soul releasing cosmos of the pub.

While enjoying the drink and the song he noticed the girl sitting on the bar chair on the other side. She seemed lonely. The gentleman inside Tarun asked him to ask her to join. Nobody is allowed to be alone in this magical environment. The philosophical prophet jumped of the chair carefully and approached to the lady with his drink in hand. He lodged himself on the chair beside her and put his one arm on the table and was sipping the drink slowly, looking for an opportunity to strike a conversation.

“It’s a bliss to enjoy the solitude but not at this kinda place…??? What say…???”, he managed to strike the chord of conversation. She looked towards him awkwardly like a stranger while he was looking towards the partying souls. “Well…that depends the company you are having.”, she responded, “Sometimes the whole world is stranger and sometimes one single person is your whole world.” “Agree.So do you prefer going these kinda places alone or is it something special today?”, he turned towards her and asked. She was wearing a party dress with her naturally curly hairs swinging on her half-drunk face. Big eyes, delicately carved nose, subtle looking lips, basically an awestruck gorgeous lady. “How does it matter…? I don’t feel answering to you. Stay away from a stranger. My mother taught me.”, she replied while sipping the last sip of her drink.

“You broke my heart by saying this…”, he candidly responded. “And how is that so…?”, she asked with her big eyes questioning in gesture. “I know nothing about you except one thing for sure that your drink is over. Let me buy you a drink.”, he threw his gentleman’s gesture. “All right but nothing happens for a reason. Where’s your girlfriend…? Are you trying to tease her…?”, she replied him while adjusting her strangled curly hairs.

“Your drink M’m”, the waiter interrupted. “Thanks”, she replied while looking towards Tarun. “ Nah…I have none. I want to get committed only once. So girlfriend…!!! Not my cup of tea. And to be precise never found anyone to get interested in the matters of heart.”, he winked while sipping his drink. “Hmm…Right…!”, she responded while a nod of approval on the point placed by Tarun. “What about your boyfriend…??? Is he late…???”, Tarun asked cautiously. “I don’t have one. Same thought process like you.”, she answered.

“This dancing atmosphere is getting dull now. Not even a groovy song can lift the spirit of these poor souls”, Tarun said while taking a deep sigh. “I’ll have to be their savior.”, he got possessed with sudden super heroic feelings so he jumped out of the chair. “I’ll be back.” saying this he hopped in the now scantly crowed and began to dance on the usual pub DJ songs. For five minutes he was twisting each and every dance move he had ever learned in his life.

With sneaky eyes he looked towards her. She was still sipping her drink. He ran towards her. “I can’t save these people alone. I need you.”, he came to her. “What do you mean?”, she asked him with surprise. “What else…??? Be my dance partner”, he urged her to be. “I’m not a good one”, she hesitatingly said with an awkward expression. “Who is here to judge you? So will you be my dance partner?” he leaned his hand towards her. She slipped her hand into his hand, “OK. Don’t blame me later”.

Both went to the dance floor and started to dance. Grooving to the music of the hour. All new and all time chartbusters were on the list. She kind of started to enjoy dancing with him. “Myself Tarun”, he introduced himself pitching high due to the music in the background. “Radhika”, she yelled back in the loud music. Two unknown people enjoying the moments anonymously. He had his spirits running free. She was joining the league. There was something between them otherwise one does not get tuned with strangers so easily. What the hell… DJ’s another pick was, Despacito. “I don’t know how to dance on this song…”, Tarun remarked. “ Why to take too much trouble. Just go with the flow”, she said to him and picked his hand, placed his hand on her waist and her hands on his shoulders. “Heyy, do you know Salsa…?”, he asked in anticipation. “Not really”, she replied. “Let me teach you. I learned a little in my induction.” he suggested. “OK”, she nodded. And then there started the teaching session and the learning session. But it was all natural for the “born to be together” type of people. Soon both started to wave in the flow of Despacito. The sensual and elegant dance on the floor by the two was getting admiration from the people around who were thinking that these two must be married couple. They danced merrily on several songs till midnight and by the time both came out of the disco their head spinning due to intense dance and lots of booze.

“Come. I’ll drop you to your hotel. Where are you staying?”, he asked her while both started to troll on the wet sand of the beach traversing to the other side of the beach. The moon was shining on the fullest. Gradually the noise of music faded away. Both were talking on how the night was and they both enjoyed the company. “I use to stay in hotels while I travel but this time I wanted to lived sober, so have hired a beach house”, she told him while pointing towards the far end of the beach where some dim lights were on. There was a row of beach houses. Those beach houses were facing towards the sea.

By the time they reached her beach house they had discussed on numerous things regarding background, upbringing, reason of being there and various other stuff. Her beach house was on the little cliff. So she bid good bye to him and started climbing steps towards it. “Farewell. It was one of the best evenings I ever had.”, he said. But the silence in this good bye was shouting and screaming. She wanted to spend more time with him. He wanted to be with her at this moment and who knows in future too. Both have never felt this before. Both had their reasons of protecting themselves from heart break. But fate had something else in the store.

She ran back to him, he pulled her towards him and both kissed each other under the bathing moonlight. When they finished, there was some different kind of feeling. She did not said anything, so did he. He picked her up in his arms and entered her beach house and hung the placard “Do not Disturb”.

Both husband and wife i.e Tarun and Radhika were on honeymoon…This was their first day at the beach country with a little role play.



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