The Foodie Theory…🍧🍨

“Tarun…???”, she whispered slowly into his ears. He woke up twitching his eyes. “What happened…?” “I want to eat ice cream. The tub I brought is finished.Can we go to have some?”, she asked like a little kid. “At this time…??? It’s 11 PM.” he got surprised on the time in the watch. It is still 11 PM. He was scratching his head. How come time was running slow today? “How can I say about time…?, she said innocently. Tarun knew something was fishy but he continued to play along Radhika. “Ok. Let’s go its hardly 11PM”, he said yawning. It was actually 1AM. Mischievous Radhika had slowed down his watch by 2 hours. Both drove to the parks near the river front where usually late night munchers used to pr y and used to hunt their food cravings like them.

She took a ice cream bucket and he, a cone from the vendor and trolled towards the car. The sight was as if a polar bear with a fish in hands and a jungle bear with a honey pot walking in the woods from distant.

“I love you” said she candidly to the ice cream while gazing the ice cream bucket and munching the ice cream from the scoop. At that hour ice cream was the priority one. His sleep, by this time was vanished. “I think you are getting the kick from ice cream”, he said while opening the wrapper of his favorite chocolate cone. “Yes I do, I love ice cream more than you”, she giggled in a teasingly awesome manner. “I know that too…”, he sighed in pseudo gloomy face. Both pokemons were cooling off their cravings sitting on the bonnet of the car, watching the river flowing nearby, lighted up by the reflections of lights from opposite bank.

“What food will you compare me to, if given a chance to?”, Radhika said while pulling his hand towards her to take the bite of his ice cream. “Really…?? You want to know…?”, he tried to get scoop of Radhika’s ice cream tub in the camouflage of his reaction to her question. “Noooo…”, she pulled away her ice cream bucket. Greedy kitten hid the bucket from Tarun’s reach. “You know naa, I can overpower you and eat all the ice cream alone?’, he tried to threaten her with naughty smile on the lips. “ Naah… I know Karate…”, she outwitted him a bursting laugh. Poor Tarun. He flashbacked the punch he got from Radhika last month.

“Come on answer it? What food will I be?”, she poked the ice cream spoon on his belly. “Mmm… You are my Panipuri.”, he said with enthusiasm. “Oh really…!!! And how is so?”, she wanted to know the reason. “See, just like Panipuri, you are peppy, you are sweet, you are full of tanginess, you are spicy and your each flavour is lip smacking. Sometimes you are sweet and sour as the tamarind flavour, sometimes you are tongue burning spicy and sometimes you are just the mild without water dry delight. So where else can I find all the flavours in one single plate. You make my tummy full.So… Panipuri.”, said he rubbing his tummy with a content smile. “Yeaahhhh…”, the cat sprung from the car bonnet and started jumping. “My ice cream is finished. Let’s go back home.”, she uttered and Tarun thought she jumped on his answer. Doggy cat.

Both came back home and went to sleep. He turned the other side and slept but Radhika was not getting sleepy. It was little cooler when they were outside. She slid into the blanket with her hand over Tarun. “Tarun…???”, she called him in the cracked voice. “Hmmm…”, came the submissive response. “So gaye kya…???”, she asked. “No…planning to play hockey”, he replied. “Okay… But I want to tell you something…”, she proceeded. “Okay. I’m listening”, he said with eyes still closed.

“You are my ice cream?”, she said while she hugged him from behind more tightly and giving a gentle kiss on his cheeks. “Why so…”, though sleepy but curious Tarun asked.

“Because I can have you any time. You brighten up me when I’m happy and you lighten me up when I’m sad. I want you to always melt in my mouth and I won’t let a single drop go waste of you”, the occasionally expressive poured her heart.

He was dipped into ice cream for a moment he thought, by the cat. He turned around and hugged her tight, kissed her on her forehead slept with her, while rubbing her back in affection.



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