The awkward advice

“Heyy Sam…!!!”, Tarun patted on Sam’s shoulder. He dropped his laptop bag on the side of bench while sitting beside to Sam. “Heyy…Hi Tarun…”, Sam replied as if someone broke his firegazing. He seemed bit upset. Tarun understood from his drooping shoulders and dull response. “Everything Ok…?”, asked Tarun. “I don’t know Tarun. Looks I need an opinion from you. But I don’t know whether you will be able to…or will I be bothering you…”,Sam grinned in awkwardness. “It’s Ok Sam. If it will be in my might I’ll surely help you.” , Tarun replied giving assurance to gloomy Sam.

“There is some friction between me and Alexis. Sometimes I feel she doesn’t understand me like the way she used to before marriage. She has got this annoying habit of taking out the blame of everything on herself. Even though she may be distantly related to issue but she just brings all the wrath in our lives. I have told her not to take things too seriously and especially getting blame upon herself. The same thing happened last night also. It had become a daily routine Tarun. Sometimes I feel as if marrying her was the right decision or not, because life is not the way I expected it. Now you tell me what shall I do…?”, Sam poured out everything that was churning him.

Tarun was expecting that Sam would be seeking some professional advice. He was baffled on the scenario. He asked Sam to take a walk upto the local bar. On the way he asked, “ Sam your’s is love marriage. Right…?” “Yes”, Sam replied. “Ok. Look Sam when you love someone you do not consider anything of a person, either good or bad. You just love them. Their nature, their attitude, their strength, their shortcomings everything is secondary. The first thing is the hearbeat you skip when you see them. The first thing is the spark in the air when you meet them. Call it fate, destiny or serendipity if you are the chosen one by the Venus you will just love them. No matter who they are, from where they are, where they are going, etc…etc…”, Tarun said while they both entered the bar.

Both of them sat beside the Bar chair. Tarun called the bartender for a whiskey to Sam and mocktail for himself. “But you don’t understand Tarun, she just don’t want to understand that these things are eating up our important time where we have to build a future for our kids.”, Sam complained like a school kid. By the time, bartender also came up with the drinks.

“Let me demonstrate an example to you.”, said Tarun. “You like whiskey. Here is one. But you find it hard to drink it neat. Why? Because your taste buds love the mild taste of whiskey. Will you now go for gin, vodka or any other spirit if the whiskey tendered by the bartender is not mild…? Nooooo… You add water to your whiskey to make it mild and enjoy it. The same thing with the people also. If Alexis is having some shortcomings it does not mean you should leave her and find someone else who does not have that shortcoming and name that thing love. You love her Sam. You had a well knowledge of her behaviour and thought process. You love only once and rest of the times you are just aligning yourself to the norms set for love by the society. If she is having a shortcoming you try to help her to overcome that, even if takes lifetime. This is what the beauty of imperfectly perfect thing is. So never let that poisonous thought come in your mind that you took wrong decision of marrying Alexis.”, Tarun explained.

“Sam…I love Radhika. If I do something wrong to her, I would make that thing correct with her only. I don’t want to be pseudo perfect who had done wrong with her and now showing off to someone else by not repeating the same mistake again. She had loved me to the infinity. Overlooked my shortcomings, moulded my immature behaviour, shaped the shortcomings and in return she has always asked for love only. So go home. Tell Alexis you love her. Understand her point of view. Tell her yours and then both sit down and work upon it. So go now before its too late. Don’t your love reach event horizon due to miscommunications , misunderstandings, etc. Deal it with love and empathy.”

Sam got up though a bit weird exampled advice but convinced to make things right with Alexis. He thanked Tarun and rushed towards the door. “You are one lucky person Tarun for having Radhika in your life. Wish everybody had kismet like you. I’ll not let the discontent and misunderstandings grow to the point of event horizon.”, Sam complimented from the door and went to Alexis.

The song in the pub was Whiz khalifa and Charlie Puth chartbuster. Tarun opened his wallet. Took out a letter from it. Her last one, with just two words “Good Bye”. “I wished no one ever had a kismet like me.”, he murmured while sipping his mocktail.



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