Angry Cat

“Come on Ludo…Fetch it… Come on baby…”, Tarun screamingly threw the ball towards little Ludo to fetch it for him. He actually was training him to do some fun stuff.  To teach a dog is a cumbersome process, they learn but they get carried away during the learning process getting too much friendly and as … Continue reading Angry Cat

If you haven’t loved a cat, you haven’t loved at all…♥

Tarun could go all along  with the traits for the cats that he had learnt all the condiments of the behavior and persona of a cat practically. Basically Fridays are early to go home days for him and its obvious, the beloved weekend was around the corner. But he was late today. He rang the … Continue reading If you haven’t loved a cat, you haven’t loved at all…♥

The Meeting

There he was sitting quietly on the sofa carved with the elegant wood work done by some of the finest arts man in the town. The drawing room was decorated by lots of artifacts like wall hangings, portraits,etc. with everything maintained perfectly showing that this house is having one of the best homemaking ladies. He … Continue reading The Meeting