An afternoon lesson…

It was a lazy sunday afternoon. Radhika was reading a book and Tarun was playing mobile game with his head on Radhika’s lap. Both were silent. The half eaten pizza was lying on the floor. The bed was more than a mess. But soon Tarun got bored of the game. He pricked Radhika on tummy … Continue reading An afternoon lesson…


The awkward advice

“Heyy Sam…!!!”, Tarun patted on Sam’s shoulder. He dropped his laptop bag on the side of bench while sitting beside to Sam. “Heyy...Hi Tarun…”, Sam replied as if someone broke his firegazing. He seemed bit upset. Tarun understood from his drooping shoulders and dull response. “Everything Ok…?”, asked Tarun. “I don't know Tarun. Looks I … Continue reading The awkward advice

Disco Deewane…💃🕺

“Gosh... It's so much fun…”, he came tripping to the bartender. “One Rocket Fuel Please.”, he asked bartender. “Sure sir…”, the bartender smiled and started to prepare the drink. Meanwhile Tarun shrugged his shoulders and made himself comfortable on the bar chair. He turned towards the discotheque and started swinging his neck in the hysteria … Continue reading Disco Deewane…💃🕺

The Game

SRT (Situational Reaction Test): These are kind of behavioural tests that are generally used in adminstrative services or the defence institutions for assessing the thought process of the candidates considering their critical decisions on the line of actions to the most mind bending and quickly growing situations. A cat has its own way of engaging … Continue reading The Game